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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:     Tuesday, August 9, 2005,

Contact:       Connie Rivera, Capital Finance Manager, 360-709-3065

Thurston County Seeks Applicants for Low Income Housing Grants

OLYMPIA Thurston County officials are seeking qualified applicants to receive HOME or HB2060 funds.  The HOME Action Plan for FY2005 (September 2005-August 2006) has set aside $62,421 for emergent issues that meet HOME funding criteria.  The county also administers HB2060 funds for operating and maintenance of low-income housing projects.

The Thurston County Board of Commissioners outlined their plan to utilize HOME funding to further the vision of reducing homelessness in Thurston County by 50%.  This vision continues into the FY2005 Program Year.  The priorities are to assist very low-income residents of Thurston County with affordable housing options, with emphasis on reaching those who are the most vulnerable--the homeless, mentally ill, and at-risk youth. 

To apply for funding, an organization must be non-profit and the proposal must principally benefit low and moderate-income persons. HB2060 funding can be used for the following activities:

*   Acquisition, construction, or rehabilitation of housing projects that are affordable to low-income persons at or below 50% of the area median,

*   Support for building, operation and maintenance costs of low-income housing projects,

*   Providing Rental Vouchers for persons below 50% of median income, to be administered by a local public housing authority or other local organization that has existing rental voucher program,

*   Providing operating costs for emergency shelters and licensed overnight youthshelters.

Because the county has had inquiries from more than one agency, the county needs a preliminary idea of which agencies are interested in applying for HOME and HB2060 funds and for what projects.  Those who wish to propose a HOME/HB2060 funded project should fill a pre-application and turn it in to Connie Rivera by 5:00 on August 22, 2005.

The HOME Consortium meets in early September and will review the proposals and make their recommendation to the County Commissioners .

Those who have questions, or who need a pre-application, can contact Connie Rivera at 360- 709-3065 or by e-mail at


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