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Thurston County Comprehensive Plan

How to Propose a Change

Any interested person may suggest a change to the Comprehensive Plan, including County residents and property owners, permit applicants, hearing examiners, County commissioners, staff from other agencies, city council members and members of the public. Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan are only made once per year.

Amendments are undertaken at the discretion of the Board of County Commissioners and subject to staff availability. The Official Docket of Comprehensive Plan Amendments includes the list of proposals prioritized for review over the next year. The Board chooses the topics from a “Preliminary Docket,” which includes all suggested amendments, and places them on the Official Docket, which is forwarded to the Thurston County Planning Commission for proposal development and review. This docketing process is used to provide the public with information about and opportunities to participate in the amendment process.

This chart on the general docketing process shows how a preliminary docket becomes the official docket.

Thurston County has a separate docketing process for changes to development regulations.

When to submit a proposal

Proposed plan changes are typically accepted and reviewed annually, however, the Board of County Commissioners has suspended review of new applications for amendments until the periodic update to the Comprehensive Plan is completed.

How to submit a proposal

You may suggest an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan by filling out a form available either online or at the Permit Assistance Center in the Thurston County Courthouse. An application fee may be required to complete your submission.

Although applications can be submitted at any time, they will be grouped with other suggestions gathered throughout the year. The County’s annual budget will affect the number of amendments considered in any given year.

2018/2019 Comprehensive Plan Docket

Thurston County Board of County Commissioners approved the 2018/2019 Comprehensive Plan Docket on March 6, 2018. Each item on the list will go through its own individual analysis and public review before any final decision is made.



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