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Development Code Docket

Official Docket of Development Code Amendments

calendar and penThe Official Docket of Development Code Amendments is a list of proposals for making changes to Thurston County’s development regulations. (The County also has a docket for changes to its Comprehensive Plan.)

The purpose of the docket is to provide information about potential changes to development regulations that the County is considering. The Board of County Commissioners chooses the topics from a “Preliminary Docket,” maintained year-round, and places them on an Official Docket, which is forwarded to the Thurston County Planning Commission for proposal development and review. This docketing process is used to provide the public with information about and opportunities to participate in the amendment process.

This chart on the general docketing process shows how a preliminary docket becomes an official docket. 

2016-2017 Official Development Code Docket

The 2016-17 Official Development Code Docket was approved by the Board of County Commissioners on March 9, 2016 and includes 19 proposed amendments. These requested changes may or may not be considered, depending on priorities of the Board of County Commissioners, and staffing availability. Amendments not completed by the end of 2017 will be included on the next preliminary docket, for 2018-19, unless otherwise directed by the Board of County Commissioners. The proposed amendments include:

  • A-1 Impact Fee Deferral Process and to add Fire Districts  ***Complete***
  •  A-2 Amend Sign Codes Based on U.S. Supreme Court Decision
  •  A-3 Set Final Regulations for Marijuana Producers, Processors, and Retailers
  •  A-4 Fireworks ***Complete***
  •  A-5 Critical Areas Ordinance Revisions (Corrections and Technical Adjustments)
  •  A-6 Remove or Modify Building Size Limits in Rural 1/10 Zones for Public Facilities ***Complete***
  •  A-7 Wireless Communications Facilities
  •  A-8 TCC Appeals Procedure to Remove the Board from the Appeals Process
  •  A-9 Amend the UGA Zoning Codes for Urban Agriculture ***Complete***
  •  A-10 Better Define Personal Social Events and Events
  •  A-11 Permitted Child Care Centers
  •  A-12 Amend the Tumwater UGA and Rural Zoning Codes for the Airport Overlay
  •  A-13 Amend Impervious Surface Coverage in the Residential Sensitive Resource Zoning District in the Tumwater UGA  ***Complete*** (Ordinance No. 15500)
  •  A-14 Integrate Low Impact Development Standards ***Complete***
  •  A-15 Amend the Rural Zoning Ordinance to Amend Family Member Unit Regulations
  •  A-16 Rewrite the Boundary Line Adjustment Standards
  •  A-17 Manufactured Housing
  •  A-18 Miscellaneous Clerical Errors
  •  A-19 Amend the Planned Industrial Park District to Allow Prisons as a Special Use
  • A-20 Amend Zoning Ordinances to Add a Site Plan Review Process for Single Family and Address Vesting Issue

2014-2015 Official Docket of Development Code Amendments

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2009-2010 Official Docket of Development Code Amendments

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