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Our parks are open daily from 9:00 AM until dusk.

The parking lot for the
Off Leash Dog Park is open daily from 7:00 AM until 5:00 PM.

Registration / Payment Policy

Due to the high demand for our programs, we use a computerized “lottery style” process.

Refer to the registration deadline in the current brochure and make sure your form is received on time.

Registration forms are accepted by mail or in person. We do not take registrations over the phone.

Approximately 5 days after processing your registration, we will send an invoice listing the programs you are registered for and the amount you owe.

Refer to the payment deadline in the current brochure and make sure your program fees are paid on time. You can use a credit card to pay by phone.

If your payment is not made on time, you will be removed from the program(s) you had registered for.

Refunds / Program Cancellations

Refunds are not given for programs with (P) prepaid tickets. Programs with a (P) in the title require fees that we have already paid for and you will not get a refund if you change your mind about attending.

Refunds or credits will be given for all other programs if you call us three (3) working days before the program starts.

If we have to cancel a program, you will automatically get a credit or refund.

Have DDA Funds?

Thurston County Recreation Services is contracted to accept DDA Respite funds and Family Support funds. Check with your Case Manager to make sure you have funds to use, then give us the name and phone number of your Case Manager.

If you have registered for a program and decide you will not be attending, you must call us three (3) working days before the program starts. DDA will not pay if you don’t attend.

If you don’t call us three days before the program starts, you will need to pay the program fee even if you don’t attend.  This is called a “No Show” fee and it must be paid within the same month.


For day trips Out and About, programs depart from our office. Look in the brochure for the exact time and location. Before programs start, staff are busy preparing and cannot supervise or provide any assistance. Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes before the program begins.

Late Pickup Fees

We will charge late fees if you are not picked up when the program ends. Look in the brochure for the end time of the program.

If you are picked up 16-30 minutes late, you will be charged $15

If you are picked up 30-60 minutes late, you will be charged $30

Late Fees must be paid within the same month.


Non-Discrimination Policy Document

Concussion / Head Injury Awareness

Effective November 1, 2009 Thurston County Recreation Services has adopted a new policy for any youth involved in Thurston County athletic programs.

Please click the links below for various documentation related to this new policy.

Policy Document
The actual policy language as adopted by Thurston County.

Parent / Athlete Information Brochure
Detailed information you need to know as a parent or athlete.

Letter to Parents
Official letter announcing the new policy.

Coaches Fact Sheet
Details every coach or staff person needs to know about this new policy.

Acknowledgement Form
This form must be submitted annually in order for youth to participate in athletic programs.