Thurston County Accountability and Restitution Center (ARC)

Thurston County Accountability & Restitution Center

Thurston County’s Accountability and Restitution Center (ARC) is a 110,000 square foot corrections facility. It is designed with 488 total inmate beds including those in the Corrections Options facility. There are four large open dormitories for minimum and medium custody inmates—under direct supervision of corrections deputies. It also has four maximum custody pods. These are indirect supervision units housing maximum custody inmates, administrative segregation inmates, protective custody inmates, and inmates with mental health issues. Staff for the ARC includes 116 commissioned deputies and civilian workers. There are also additional contract employees making up the program, medical and kitchen staff for the facility. Also at the same location is the Thurston County “Options” facility housed in a separate building. This facility contains inmates involved in the county’s work release, day jail, electronic home monitoring, community betterment and other alternative incarceration programs.