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Spring 2014

New Website Improvements

Over the past three years I have made increased transparency a top priority. In part, we have achieved this by substantially increasing the scope of information the public can easily obtain on this website. We began by adding a link to a comprehensive cost valuation report for every residential parcel. We have posted all sales and property characteristics to the website. Next we added complete USPAP reports for both residential and commercial properties and expanded the search and research instructions, in order to facilitate taxpayer research.

After several years of related work we have now expanded the A+ parcel search function to include a "curbside" photo of over 65,000 residential properties and the ability to search by name. By the end of 2014 we should have curbside photos for the lion's share of the remaining residential properties throughout the county.

In the past you were required to know the address or the parcel number to locate Assessor data for a given parcel. Now you will also be able to initiate a search with only the taxpayer's name. In addition, when attempting to look into the accuracy or your assessed value, you will be able to open a photo of comparable properties in addition to reviewing each property's characteristics.

Budget Cuts and Customer Service

In addition to deep cuts and reductions in staff which occurred several years ago, County Commissioners imposed a substantial cut in our 2014 budget.

Immediately upon first taking office in January of 2011 I reorganized the entire office eliminating two management positions and restoring several positions, which had previously been reduced to part time, back to full time. This was accomplished within our existing budget and enabled us to restore 8-5 M-F office hours and improve customer service.

This year, even as our State mandated work increases along with improvement in the housing market, commissioners imposed a 5% reduction in our budget. To accommodate this reduction, I eliminated one of three remaining management positions and again reorganized the office, creating a structure more lean than any other office or county department and reduced our total FTE to 29. With this new structure we are guardedly optimistic that we can still produce high quality results within the timelines required by law. In addition we remain committed to retaining 8-5 office hours M-F and to responding promptly and meaningfully to all customer service inquiries.


Steven J. Drew

Steven J. Drew
Thurston County Assessor

Revaluation Notices Mailed May 31, 2013

Revaluation Notices were mailed on time for the second year in a row. In past years, these notices were often mailed 3 to 4 months late impacting both property owners and taxing districts. Over the past year, we have also made more information available on line in our continuing effort to provide greater transparency. Click here to read more...

Assessor's Office Mid Term Report

(Posted Spring 2013)

As a candidate for Thurston County Assessor, I spoke about restoring customer service as the foundation for policies and practices in the office, eliminating the three year backlog in appeals, and creating a more positive and respectful work environment for Assessor staff. I took office on 1/1/2011. Now at the 2 year mark, we have turned the corner, in so many ways, that I wanted to detail just what my excellent staff, managers and I have achieved.

Click here to

Tax Statement Notification

(Posted Feb 2013)

To our valued customers:

Tax statements should reach taxpayers this year, on about February 13th. Even though the value of most properties continued to decline in 2012, for many a combination of factors will produce an increase in your tax liability.

Particularly in these difficult times, it is understandable that many taxpayers have questions as they review their tax statements. We in the Assessorís office continue to work collaboratively with your County Treasurer, Shawn Myers and her staff in order to provide taxpayers improved access to meaningful information about how each taxpayers taxes have been calculated. With this in mind, we have made some additional changes to both web sites and added what we hope will be helpful content. Click here to read more...

County Offers Amnesty Program for Business Personal Property Taxes

(Posted April 2012)

Over the past few weeks, the State Legislature passed SHB 2149 which has been signed into law by the Governor and authorized here in Thurston County by Commissioners at their 4/10/12 meeting.

In Washington State, Businesses are required to report all business property to the County Assessor for purpose of calculating its actual cash value or market value which is then used to calculate the businesses personal property tax. Businesses who fail to report this property are subject to a 25% penalty and interest. Click here to read more...