The Assessor's Office will close at 1:00pm on Thursday May 21, 2015 for our annual all staff training meeting. The office will be open from 8:00am to 1:00 pm on May 21 and will resume regular office hours (8:00am to 5:00pm) on Friday May 22. Regular office hours are 8:00-5:00 Monday through Friday. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We proudly display this logo, recognizing our office having received the Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration. This International Association of Assessor Officials (IAAO) honor states:

"The International Association of Assessing Officers hereby recognizes the Thurston County, Washington Assessor's Office for their outstanding achievement of meeting the requirements for the Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration.

Granting the recognition indicates their demonstration of the highest levels of managerial excellence and consistent utilization of practices that exceed the guidelines as established for this award by IAAO in property assessment administration practices."

Welcome to your Thurston County Assessor's website

We have made many improvements expanding the information available and making it easier to research the basis for your home's assessed value.

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Revaluation Notices Reveal New Property Values for 2015 Taxes

Your 2014 assessment notices will be mailed on Friday, May 30. This will mark the 3rd year in a row that assessment notices have been mailed on time. This will allow taxpayers to see their new assessed values much closer to the January 1, 2014 assessment date, reducing confusion between the assessed value and the effects of recent market activity.

Two remedies' exist for property owners who have a concern about the accuracy of their assessed values. The first is to contact our office to review your concern with our skilled staff during the appeal period. Click here to read more...

April 2014

Our office is honored to have earned the highest award offered by the International Association Of Assessing Officers. This award serves as validation for the progress and hard work my staff have accomplished over the past 3 years and 4 months. Earning this award follows a detailed and rigorous review of nearly everything we do to assure that best practices are being followed. Of note is that Thurston County is only the third jurisdiction West of the Rocky Mountains to have EVER received this award. Click here to read more...

Spring 2014

New Website Improvements

Over the past three years I have made increased transparency a top priority. In part, we have achieved this by substantially increasing the scope of information the public can easily obtain on this website. We began by adding a link to a comprehensive cost valuation report for every residential parcel. We have posted all sales and property characteristics to the website. Next we added complete USPAP reports for both residential and commercial properties and expanded the search and research instructions, in order to facilitate taxpayer research. Click here to read more...

Revaluation Notices Mailed May 31, 2013

Revaluation Notices were mailed on time for the second year in a row. In past years, these notices were often mailed 3 to 4 months late impacting both property owners and taxing districts. Over the past year, we have also made more information available on line in our continuing effort to provide greater transparency. Click here to read more...

Assessor's Office Mid Term Report

(Posted Spring 2013)

As a candidate for Thurston County Assessor, I spoke about restoring customer service as the foundation for policies and practices in the office, eliminating the three year backlog in appeals, and creating a more positive and respectful work environment for Assessor staff. I took office on 1/1/2011. Now at the 2 year mark, we have turned the corner, in so many ways, that I wanted to detail just what my excellent staff, managers and I have achieved. Click here to read more...

Tax Statement Notification

(Posted Feb 2013)

To our valued customers:

Tax statements should reach taxpayers this year, on about February 13th. Even though the value of most properties continued to decline in 2012, for many a combination of factors will produce an increase in your tax liability.

Particularly in these difficult times, it is understandable that many taxpayers have questions as they review their tax statements. We in the Assessorís office continue to work collaboratively with your County Treasurer, Shawn Myers and her staff in order to provide taxpayers improved access to meaningful information about how each taxpayers taxes have been calculated. With this in mind, we have made some additional changes to both web sites and added what we hope will be helpful content. Click here to read more...

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