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Important Information

for Thurston County Voters

Dear Thurston County Voters:

Voting is the cornerstone of the democratic process. With the renewed patriotism our country has experienced in the last year, it is my hope that the citizens of Thurston County will demonstrate their pride by participating in the General Election. Every vote makes a difference, which is the reason we selected “YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE,” as the theme for 2002.

I would like to congratulate Marie Helton for being selected as this year’s voter pamphlet cover design contest winner! The second and third place winners’ artwork is featured in this pamphlet. This artwork is on display in the lobby of the Auditor’s Office from now until the end of November.

Please talk to your friends and neighbors and encourage them to vote on November 5th. Many important Initiatives, Referendums, and local issues will be on the ballot as well as a State Constitutional amendment and the Congressional races. Plus, you will be voting on judicial, county and Public Utility District Commissioner offices.

I am pleased to report that the Elections Department completed the process of redistricting in Thurston County’s congressional, legislative, and commissioner districts in 2002. The changes in these district lines resulted in changes of precincts and polling locations for many voters. For more information on redistricting, please see page 7.

To help you make important decisions in November, our office has partnered with TCTV and the League of Women Voters to produce the “2002 General Election Video Voter Guide.” This televised voters’ guide highlights the contested countywide candidates and will begin airing in mid-October. You can access information on statewide ballot issues and candidates through the Secretary of State’s Voters’ Pamphlet as well as their website, www.secstate.wa.gov.

This voters’ pamphlet is also another useful voter information guide. Please keep in mind that the statements in this pamphlet are the opinions of the authors and are not in any way checked for truthfulness or accuracy. The content is the sole responsibility of the candidates and issue representatives. See the disclaimer on page 2 for more information.

On behalf of Thurston County, I thank Marie Helton and all of the other 7th and 8th grade students who demonstrated their patriotism by submitting such beautiful artwork for the cover design contest. You can show your patriotism by voting in the General Election. As always, remember to have your absentee ballot postmarked on or before election day. The polls will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on November 5.


Kim Wyman
Thurston County Auditor

Participating Jurisdictions

Thurston County                        Fire Protection District No. 3 (Lacey)

                                              Fire Protection District No. 4 (Rainier)


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