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Important Information

for Thurston County Voters

Dear Thurston County Voters:

Welcome to the 2002 Thurston County Local Voters’ Pamphlet! This fall you are going to have an opportunity to shape the future of our community by voting on local issues as well as local, state, and congressional races. Often, these elections are determined by just a few votes. That is why we selected the theme, “YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE.”

Your participation in the Primary Election will help determine which candidates in four local and four legislative races will advance to the General Election. Washington State uses a Blanket Primary system in which all partisan offices appear on the ballot. All candidates for congressional, legislative, county, and Public Utility District #3 offices will be listed on the ballot. There are five partisan primary races where two candidates have filed with the same party affiliation. These races include Thurston County Commissioner District #3, County Prosecuting Attorney, County Sheriff, and State Representative, District 22, Positions #1 and #2. The winning primary candidate in each race will advance to the General Election. For the nonpartisan Public Utility District #3 Commissioner office, the top two candidates in the primary will advance to the general.

Depending on where you live, you may also be voting on levies for county emergency services, Intercity Transit, Emergency Communication Systems and Facilities, and Fire Districts 3 and 9. To be eligible to vote in the primary, you must be a registered voter and live within the participating districts. For example, only registered voters who live within the 3rd Commissioner District will be eligible to vote on the County Commissioner District and Public Utility District Commissioner races. All voters in the county will be able to vote on these positions in the General Election in November.

This office is committed to continuing the tradition of providing Thurston County citizens with quality information on candidates and issues. You can access this information in a variety of ways. This local voters’ pamphlet is also presented online at www.co.thurston.wa.us/auditor. An audio version of the pamphlet is available to assist visually impaired voters at (360)709-3075. Additionally, there will be candidate forums on Channel 3, TCTV, which are co-sponsored by the League of Women Voters, TCTV and the Thurston County Auditor’s Office.

I would like to congratulate Amanda Rouse from Tumwater Middle School for being selected as the 2002 Primary Election Local Voters’ Pamphlet cover contest winner. In May, Thurston County seventh and eighth grade students were invited to compete in a cover design contest. The winning artwork is displayed in this pamphlet. The artwork for the 67 entrants will be on display in the lobbies of the Thurston County Timberland Regional Libraries. Please stop by your library and see the creativity of our students. On behalf of Thurston County, it is my hope that the information contained in this pamphlet will assist you in voting on these important issues and offices. Remember, “YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE”.



Kim Wyman
Thurston County Auditor

Participating Jurisdictions


Thurston County                                                Fire Protection District No. 3 (Lacey)

Intercity Transit                                               Fire Protection District No. 9 (McLane)

             Thurston County – Capitol Communications (CAPCOM)


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