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2002 Redistricting in Thurston County

What is Redistricting?
Every ten years the congressional and legislative district boundaries are realigned as required by law, by a process called redistricting.

Why is it necessary?
This is done to ensure that each district has an equal number of people and a fair distribution of political representation.

Who determined the district boundaries?
The Washington State Redistricting Commission submitted the redistricting plan to the state Legislature and the plan was adopted during the 2002 legislative session

How does this affect Thurston County?
Washington State law requires that each voting precinct be completely situated within a single congressional, legislative and commissioner district. Once the plan was adopted by the Legislature, the County Auditorís Office set about the task of adjusting voting precinct lines to accommodate the congressional and legislative boundary changes in Thurston County. After a series of informational meetings, the final precinct changes were presented to the Board of County Commissioners in a public meeting for approval.

Thurston County Redistricting Statistics: seven new precincts were added, six precincts were removed and over fifty precincts had boundary line changes. Thurston County is now represented by the 2nd Legislative District (in addition to the 20th, 22nd, and 35th). Thurston County continues to be represented by the 3rd and 9th Congressional Districts. The 9th Congressional District now encompasses a larger portion of Thurston County.

How does this affect me?
You might have a new precinct and/or polling place. Check your new Voter Identification Card. If you have not received your Voter Identification Card please contact the Auditorís Office.

How will I be notified?
In early July, all voters in Thurston County received a Redistricting Notice informing them of their voting precinct, districts, and polling site. The Redistricting Notice will have a new Voter Identification Card attached. This notice also satisfies a federal law regarding voter list maintenance which requires the Auditorís Office to send a mailing to every voter in the county to ensure that the voter rolls are as current as possible.

When do these changes take effect?
These changes are already in effect. The first time most voters will notice the changes will be during the Primary and General elections this fall (2002). You may be voting in a new Congressional, Legislative and/or Commissioner district. When you receive your Redistricting Notice/New Voter Identification card, your districts will be listed on the ID card.

When will maps of the new boundaries and precinct changes be available?
Overall county maps are available by request. These maps show the new district lines but not specific precinct lines. Our new precinct maps are in the final stages of completion and will be available soon.


Please visit www.redistricting.wa.gov for further information on the redistricting process, including interactive maps.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the redistricting process:

email:auditor@co.thurston.wa.us ē phone: (360) 786-5408

mail: Thurston County Auditor, 2000 Lakeridge Drive SW, Olympia, WA 98502

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