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Port of Olympia


Only voters in District 1 will be voting in the Primary Election

Port districts are empowered to levy taxes and special local improvement assessments to promote economic development and create incidental park and recreation facilities, adopt and enforce regulations relating to moorage and toll facilities, and to cooperate with counties and cities in applying general police and traffic regulations to Port properties and operations. The Commissioners set objectives, policies and over-all Port direction through comprehensive plans. The Port manages 1,650 acres of land including the Olympia Airport, Swantown Marina, New Market facilities site and a modern marine terminal.

The three-member Port Commission serves as the board of directors for the Port of Olympia, a municipal corporation. Each Commissioner represents a district within Thurston County. Commissioners are elected by district in the Primary Election. All voters cast a ballot for each Commissioner in the General Election. The term of office is four years, and a two-year election cycle assures continuity in the direction of the Port's enterprises.

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