Thurston County

Local Voters'

General Election
November 7, 2006

All ballots MUST be postmarked or dropped off by 8:00 p.m.
on Election Day, November 7, 2006

Table of Contents
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Page 1: Table of Contents, Letter from the Auditor, Thank You & Candidate/Issue disclaimer
Page 2: Disability Access Voting - AutoMARK  Information
Page 3: Vote By Mail Information and Email Ballot Program
Page 4: Congressional, Legislative, and Commissioner District Maps
Page 5: Sample Ballot Instructions
Candidate Statements
Pages 6: County Assessor & County Auditor
Patricia Costello, Tom Crowson, & Kim Wyman
Pages 7: County Clerk & County Commissioner District No. 3
Betty J. Gould, Bob Macleod, & Kevin O'Sullivan
Pages 8: County Coroner & County Prosecuting Attorney
Gary Warnock, Terry L. Harper, & Ed Holm
Pages 9: County Sheriff & County Treasurer
Daniel D. Kimball, Howard P. Thronson, & Robin L. Hunt
Pages 10: Superior Court Judge, Position No. 8 & District Court Judge Position Nos. 1 & 2
Anne Hirsch, Jim Powers, Susan A. Dubuisson, &
C.L. "Kip" Stilz, Jr. 
Pages 11: District Court Judge Position No. 3 & Public Utility District Commissioner, District No. 1
Brett Buckley, Joseph W. "Budd" Kerr, & Paul J. Pickett
Page 12 - Fire Protection District No. 5 - Black Lake
Page 13 - Tanglewilde Park and Recreation District No. 1 
Page 14 - Ballot Drop Box Locations
Page 15 - Voter Registration Qualifications


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Ballots will begin arriving October 21
    Published by the Thurston County Auditor's Office