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Thurston County Elections  
August 7, 2012, Primary Election Voters' Pamphlet
All ballots MUST be postmarked or deposited in a Ballot Drop Box before
8:00 pm on election day, November 6, 2012
You may download the entire PDF version of the local pamphlet or choose individual races below.
PDF Version
ENTIRE Local Voters' Pamphlet as a PDF
(6.4 MB -This is a large file size and could take some time to download)
  For information on federal, congressional, statewide, and state judicial candidates click here.  
Thurston County Partisan Offices
  County Commissioner, District No. 1
  County Commissioner, District No. 2
Thurston County Judicial Nonpartisan Offices
  Superior Court Judge, Position No. 2
  Superior Court Judge, Position No. 4
Thurston County Nonpartisan Offices
  Public Utility District, Commissioner, District No. 1
County Measure
  Thurston County - Proposition No. 1
Local Measures

City of Olympia - Propostion No. 1
Sales and Use Tax Increase of 0.1% for Public Safety and Criminal Justice Purposes

  Tanglewilde Parks and Recreation - Proposition No. 1 - Property Tax Levy
Published by the Thurston County Auditor's Office