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Thurston County Elections  
The Thurston County Local Voters' Pamphlet is provided online in a PDF format as well as alternate formats for individuals with disabilities.
For information on federal, congressional, statewide, and state judicial candidates click here.
Please click below for your preferred format:
  PDF Symbol Candidate Statements and Local Measures
  PDF Symbol PDF- Federal, Congressional, Statewide, and State Judicial Candidates (356 KB)
  PDF Symbol PDF- Local Candidates
(6.4 MB -This is a large file size and could take some time to download)
  Audio Symbol MP3- Audio Version
  ASL Symbol ASL- Video Version
  Text Mode Simple Text Version

Ballots will begin arriving July 19, 2012. If you have not received your ballot by July 26, contact our office immediately.

Phone: (360) 786-5408     TTY: (360) 754-2933

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