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Thurston County Elections  
Candidate Ballot Information
Precinct Committee Officers - PCO's:

Contact your local party for information about PCO's. The local contact information is:
Thurston County Democratic Party (360) 956-0235 or Thurston County Republican Party (360) 412-8087.

Primary Election Ballot:

Order of Candidates is determined by lot drawing

  • After the close of business on the last day for candidates to file for office, the filing officer shall, from among those filings made in person and by mail, determine by lot the order in which the names of those candidates will appear on all primary and sample ballots (RCW 29A.36.131).
  • If no primary is required for any nonpartisan office under 29A.52.220, the names shall appear on the general election ballot in the order determined by lot (RCW 29A.36.131).
  • Top Two Primary FAQ's

Nonpartisan Candidates


Nonpartisan candidates will appear on the ballot only if three or more candidates file per office. Examples of nonpartisan offices are public utility district commissioner, city and town councils, district court and Olympia Municipal Court judges (RCW  29A.52.220).
Exceptions: Some judicial positions (click here for more information) and no primary will be held for the offices of Park and Recreation Commissioner and Cemetery District Commissioner (29A.52.220).

General Election Ballot:

Candidate order is determined by the number of votes received in the Primary Election. The candidate receiving the most votes appears first on the General Election ballot. If no Primary Election was conducted for the office, the order of appearance on the ballot is determined by the lot drawing conducted on the last day of filing at 5:00 p.m. in the Thurston County Auditor's Office.