Annual Financial Report - 2003

The complete text of the AFR for the fiscal year ended Dec. 31, 2003, is available on line. Because of the size of the report, it has been divided into sections. You may download the entire report or individual sections.

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Table of Contents, pages i - ii

Introductory Section

  •  Letter of Transmittal County Auditor- pages 1-8

  •  Organization Chart - page 9

  •  Elected Officials - page 10

Financial Section 

  • Independent Auditor's Report,  pages 11-12

  • Management Discussion & Analysis, pages 13-32

  • Government Wide Financial Statements, pages 33-48

  • Notes to Financial Statements, pages 49-78

  • Required Supplementary Information Section, pages 79-94


  • Statistical Section, pages 95-108

Supplemental Information Section

  • Schedule of Expenditures of State Awards, pages 109-112

  • Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards, pages 113-120

  • Notes to the Schedule of Federal, State, and Local Awards, page 121-122

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