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Thurston County Recording


Electronic Recording

The Auditor's Office now offers Electronic document recording (e-Recording). This service allows you to record your documents more rapidly than if the documents are mailed. Documents must be submitted through a third party vendor, and we are currently contracted with two, Simplifile and Ingeo. Other interested vendors are welcome to contact our office.

What Types of documents can be electronically recorded?
  Almost any document type may be e-recorded. The only exceptions would be document types that require excise tax clearance and any type of map.
Do e-recorded documents need to meet regular format requirements?
  Yes, all regular formatting requirements apply to e-recorded documents.
How is the payment processed for e-recorded documents?
  Payments are handled through the submitting vendor.
The submitting vendors may have additional requirements and restrictions. You may contact the vendors by clicking on the images below.