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Thurston County Elections  
General Election November 2, 2010 Online Local Voters' Pamphlet
ASL Version
Table of Contents
    Letter from the Chief Deputy
    Information statewide measures...
    Participating Jurisdictions
    Voter Registration:
    Voter Rights
    Thank you to the following people...
    Sample Ballot:
      Sample Ballot Information
      Federal Partisan Offices
      State Legislative Partisan Offices
      Thurston County Partisan Offices
      State Judicial Nonpartisan Offices
      Thurston County Nonpartisan Offices
      Griffin School District No. 324
    Ballots begin arriving... Replacement Ballot Information
    Email Ballot Program
    Accessibility Voting Locations
    Remember: Sign your oath!
    Ballot Drop Box Locations and Information
    Election Information in Alternative Formats & Voter Accessibility Advisory Committee
    Candidate/Issue Statement Disclaimer
Candidate Statements
  Thurston County Assessor
Glen Morgan Glen Morgan
(Prefers Republican Party)
Steve Drew Steve Drew
(Prefers Democratic Party)
  Thurston County Auditor
Kim Wyman Kim Wyman
(Prefers Republican Party)
Ric Abbett Ric Abbett
(Prefers Democratic Party)
  Thurston County Clerk
Betty J. Gould Betty J. Gould
(Prefers Democratic Party)
  Thurston County Commissioner District No. 3
Karen L. Valenzuela Karen L. Valenzuela
(Prefers Democratic Party)

Pat Beehler Pat Beehler
(Prefers Republican Party)

  Thurston County Coroner
Gary Warnock Gary Warnock
(Prefers Democratic Party)
  Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney
Jon Tunheim Jon Tunheim
(Prefers Democratic Party)
  Thurston County Sheriff
Debra (Debbie) Mealy Debra (Debbie) Mealy
(Prefers Democratic Party)

John Snaza John Snaza
(Prefers Independent Party)

  Thurston County Treasurer
Tom Nelson Tom Nelson
(Prefers GOP Party)
Shawn Myers Shawn Myers
(Prefers Democratic Party)
  Thurston County District Court Judges
  District Court Judge Position No. 1
Kalo Wilcox Kalo Wilcox
  District Court Judge Position No. 2
Sam Meyer Sam Meyer
  District Court Judge Position No. 3
M. Brett Buckley M. Brett Buckley
  Public Utility District Commissioner - District No. 2
Alan M. Corwin Alan M. Corwin
  Measure Information

Griffin School District No. 324 - Proposition No. 1
Technology and Capital Projects Levy

Published by the Thurston County Auditor's Office