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Online Primary Voters' Pamphlet, August 6, 2013
Port of Olympia - Port Commissioner, District No. 3
Port of Olympia -Port districts are empowered to levy taxes and special local improvement assessments, to promote economic development, to create incidental park and recreation facilities, to adopt and enforce regulations relating to moorage and toll facilities, and to cooperate with counties and cities in applying general police and traffic regulations to port properties and operations. The commissioners set objectives, policies, and overall port direction through comprehensive plans. The port manages 1,650 acres of land including the Olympia Airport, Swantown Marina, New Market facilities site, and a modern marine terminal. The three-member Port Commission serves as the board of directors for the Port of Olympia, a municipal corporation. Each commissioner represents a district within Thurston County. The term of office is four years, and a two year election cycle assures continuity in the direction of the port’s enterprises.

All port positions are nonpartisan.
  All voters in the county will vote on this position.
Statements are written by the candidates, who are solely responsible for the contents therein.
Jeff Davis Davis for Port, PO Box 12971, Olympia WA 98508, (360) 789-0205,,
Jeff Davis

Re-Elect Jeff Davis Port Commissioner - Jeff’s primary goal has always been to create sustainable living-wage jobs in Thurston County. Jeff has developed valuable community partnerships and innovative ideas that focus on growing a strong local economy.

Environmental cleanup is a top priority of Jeff’s. The Port has recently undertaken projects such as cleaning up the contamination of East and West Bay, storm water management improvements, the restoration of salmon habitat in Mission Creek, and many more.

Through Jeff’s leadership, activity at the Port has grown tremendously. The marine terminal has brought more business than any time in recent history. This increased revenue is providing a stable funding source for economic development assistance to communities throughout Thurston County.

We can create opportunities for the next generations to enjoy a great quality of life, but we need the right leadership. Jeff Davis is working for our future. Vote Davis for Port.

Sue Gunn Sue Gunn for Port, PO Box 1935, Olympia, WA 98507, (360) 918-6630,
Sue Gunn

The Port of Olympia should be helping our local economy, but instead it’s costing us. Sue Gunn will turn it around.

Last year, the Port increased your property taxes and collected $4,700,000 from you, while its operations lost $1,400,000. That’s bad business. Now port commissioners are borrowing another $23,100,000, in part to expand the marine terminal, the biggest money loser. Taxpayers will pay twice, to subsidize more losses and to pay off the debt. Meanwhile, port tax subsidies create unfair competition with local private small businesses.

Sue Gunn will bring fresh economic development ideas and truly involve the public in port decisions. She’s a scientist with experience analyzing government budgets and working to protect the rights of public employees. Sue will save taxpayer money, wean the Port off tax subsidies, protect our natural environment, and support local businesses. Vote for a 21st Century port! Vote Sue Gunn for Port Commissioner.

Ballots will begin arriving October 17, 2013. If you have not received your ballot by October 24,
contact our office immediately.

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