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May 24, 2016 Presidential Primary
Democracy is not a spectator sport, please vote.
May 24, 2016
Presidential Primary Election
Ballots must be postmarked by
Election Day or deposited in
a ballot drop box by 8:00 pm
Election Day.
Accessible voting
Ballot returns by district
Facts and Questions about the Presidential Primary
Military and overseas citizens download a ballot
Notice of Election
Registration Deadlines
Results- Unofficial
Sample Ballot
Seven easy steps for voting in the Presidential Primary
Verify your ballot has been received
Voters' Pamphlet
Candidates and Issues
Candidates and Issues
2016 offices open for election
2016 Candidates who have filed
2016 Primary candidates in ballot order
2016 PCO candidates who have filed
Become a candidate
District and Precinct Maps
Election Dates
Freeholder Election
My districts and elected officials
Put an issue on the ballot
Resolution deadlines
Responsibilities of elected offices
Voters' Pamphlet Administrative Rules for Candidates
Voters' Pamphlet Administrative Rules for Jurisdictions
Voter Data Request form  
Get Ready to Vote
Has your signature changed?
Away during an election?
Ballot drop box locations
Confirm voter registration status
Do you need assistance registering?
Election dates
Has your address changed?
Has your name changed?
Has your signature changed?
Military and overseas voters
Register to vote
Registration deadlines
Update or cancel your registration
What if I register after the deadline?
Elections Information
Elections Information
Accessible voting
Archives - past results, voters' pamphlets, sample ballots, statistics, resolutions, and returns by district
Ballot drop box locations
Civic Pride Honor Society
Elected officials
Election information and history
External links
How are Ballots Counted? See video
Informational videos
My districts and elected officials
Photo gallery
Precinct Maintenance 2016
Recount information
Voter registration challenges
Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee
Voting rights restoration
Ballot Returns
Total Registered Voters:
Ballots Received:
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The Auditor's Office will open at 9:00 am the first Friday of every month.
(June 3)
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