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Financial Serivices Division


Frequently Asked Questions
Since the checks are signed by the Thurston County Auditor, do I call Financial Services if the county has purchased something from my business and I have not received payment, or have a question about the payment?
A: Only if the purchaser was Financial Services. Otherwise you would contact directly the department or office that made the purchase.
I want to be placed on the vendor list at Thurston County, does your office handle that?
A: There are two "vendor lists" at Thurston County:
1. To be considered as a vendor contact Thurston County Commissioner's Office at (360) 786-5440 or click here to visit their website.
    2.  To be paid for goods or services already provided complete a "Vendor Form" which is a substitute IRS w-9 form. Please call our office for the Vendor Form. When it's completed you may fax it back to us at (360) 357-2481, or click here to get the form online.