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Public Records Information

The following is a list of records available in the Auditor's Office as well as similar records in other county and state offices. These records may be obtained either by a simple request by phone or in person, or by printing the records from our website. A formal public records request is not necessary. Records not listed may be obtained through a formal public records request. There is a link to this specialized form at the bottom of this page. Please review the entire page to determine the best way to obtain the records.

Click here for more information on state laws on public records (Public Records Act).

  Recorded Documents
  Available to view in person only:
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Deeds
  • Military Discharge Papers (certain restrictions apply)
  • Real Estate Documents
  • Mortgages
  • Birth and Death Records (for the years 1890-1907 only)

Click here for more information on purchasing copies of the records listed above.

  Available to view online:
  • Subdivision Maps
  • Surveys
  • Foreclosure Documents

Click here to visit our online index for recorded documents.

  Elections Records
  Available to view online:
  Licensing Records
  The Thurston County Auditors Office is an agent of the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL). Licensing records are not public records; however, certain records may be obtained from DOL. See the following links for more information: Some mobile home records are available in the Thurston County Assessor's Office. Phone: (360) 867-2200
  Public Records in Other Offices
  Thurston County Public Health and Social Services - Vital Records
  Phone: (360) 867-2500 opt. 3
Web: http://www.co.thurston.wa.us/health/admin/vitals/index.html
  • Birth Records- Washington State records from 1907 - present
  • Death Records- Thurston County from 2008 - present
  Center for Health Statistics (State of Washington)
  Phone: (360)236-4300
Web:  http://www.doh.wa.gov/EHSPHL/CHS/cert.htm
  • Birth Certificates 1907-present
  • Death Certificates 1907 to 3 months before the present
  • Marriage Certificates 1968 to 4 months before the present
  • Divorce Certificates January 1968 to 4 months before the present
  Thurston County Clerks Office

Phone: (360) 786-5430
Web: http://www.co.thurston.wa.us/clerk/

  • Divorce Records
  • Parenting Plan
  • Probate Records
  • Other Documents Filed in Thurston County Superior Court
  Requests for Other Public Records
  Procedures and Request Form

Click here to go to the Thurston County's Public Records Disclosure information and request form.

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