2016 Budget Performance Measures

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The Thurston County performance measurement system is in the introductory stage and is subject to approval by the Thurston County Commissioner’s during the course of 2016. The performance measures are designed to keep the public informed by providing meaningful metrics data; relative to the long term strategic county goals for our community. Each Department and Activity in the County Government is developing a performance scorecard showing their respective indicators of performance. Their metrics and dashboards are available via the menu links to the right.


The intent is to align county performance measures with the 2014-2018 Thurston County Strategic Plan, Thurston Thrives Strategy Maps, Public Safety and Justice Strategy Map and the County Budget. The County developed the performance metrics scorecards in consonance with existing measures and projected future measures. The performance metrics system includes input, output and outcome metrics. The measures must be realistic, attainable and evolve over time; in order to be meaningful to the county community. We will add to and update the scorecards as we identify better data or find ways to clarify existing data. The intent is that the metrics data will assist County leaders and the community to determine if government is meeting or exceeding its goals.

Alignment with the Strategic Plan:

  • External Goals:
    • Economic Vitality & Opportunity
    • Environment & Sustainable Resources
    • Health & Human Services
    • Public Safety & Judicial Services
  • Internal Goals:
    • Building & Equipment Management
    • Communication
    • Financial Stewardship & Planning
    • Quality Workforce

Alignment with the Thurston Thrives Strategic Maps:

  1. Child and Youth Resilience
  2. Child Care & Emergency Care
  3. Community Design
  4. Community Resilience
  5. Economy
  1. Education
  2. Environment
  3. Food
  4. Housing
  5. Public Safety & Justice

Alignment with the Public Safety & Justice Strategy Map:

  • Pre-Arrest, Prevention, Treatment, Intervention Options
  • Post-Arrest Diversion Options
  • System & Due Process Improvements
  • System Interconnectedness
  • Reentry/Exit Strategies

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