Meeting Minutes
November 1, 1999

Members Present

Chairman Judy Wilson
Commissioner Diane Oberquell
Commissioner Kevin O'Sullivan was not in attendance.

Approval of the Agenda

There being no changes, the agenda was approved as submitted.

Approval of the Minutes of October 4, 1999

Because Commissioner O’Sullivan was not at the meeting, and Commissioner Oberquell was not at the October 4, 1999 Board of Health meeting, the minutes were held over until the next meeting.

Audience Reports and Requests

There were no audience reports or requests.


A letter was presented from the Department of Health WIC Program confirming an amendment to the 1999 contract for WIC services. The additional $2,000 is being added to make capital improvements at the Rochester site.

Amendment to Interagency Work Order with WA State Department Of Social and Health Services

Kathleen Eussen, Director of Nursing, explained that this contract will allow for billing DSHS for training costs and Public Health Nurse staff time spent becoming an NCAST (Nursing Child Assessment Satellite Training) trainer at the University of Washington, this past summer. Karen Holt, Public Health Nurse, is providing the training to staff at DSHS. DSHS staff, trained through this project, will acquire enhanced skills to identify families at risk for abusing their children. Diana Rice, interim MCH Supervisor, introduced Karen Holt. Ms. Holt introduced the following DSHS staff: Ken Nichols, Area Administrator; Sandy Hart, Child Welfare Services Supervisor; and Michael Weirauch, CPS Adolescent Unit Supervisor. Commissioner Oberquell expressed concern with the limited number of children receiving this benefit, and asked if the training would be more helpful to receive the assessment prior to any problems arising. There was also brief discussion concerning children found in meth lab homes. Ken Nichols thanked the Board and Health Department Administration for their leadership. Sandy Hart and Michael Weirauch also provided comments. When discussion was complete, Commissioner Oberquell MOVED TO APPROVE AND EXECUTE THE AMENDMENT TO INTERAGENCY WORK ORDER #916001375 BETWEEN THURSTON COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH DEPARTMENT AND THE WASHINGTON DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL AND HEALTH SERVICES, REGION 6, DEPARTMENT OF FAMILY AND CHILDREN SERVICES, WITH HAND CORRECTED CHANGE IN EFFECTIVE DATE, TO PAY FOR NCAST TRAINING IN THE AMOUNT OF $24,000. Chairman Wilson SECONDED THE MOTION. THE MOTION CARRIED.

Thurston County Community Health Task Force Update

Sherri McDonald, Deputy Director, explained that since the Task Force was reconvened in January 1999 to examine the issue of access to primary medical and dental care, the Task Force has identified barriers from many aspects of the health care system and has looked at a variety of types of data to describe the access issues. Four subcommittees for in-depth analysis of clinic expansion, insurance access, children’s dental care, and advocacy have been formed. Ms. McDonald provided an overview of the work completed to date. Chairman Wilson acknowledged the work of Sherri McDonald and Gail Stewart.

Director's Report

Art Starry, Environmental Health Director, provided follow up information concerning the artesian well question raised at a previous Board of Health meeting.

Pat Libbey indicated that a request will be presented at the next Board of Health meeting to waive fees for water samples for wells covered by flood waters.

Mr. Libbey announced the temporary supervisory assignments of Steve Peterson (onsite), and Gary Duval (land use).

Mr. Libbey announced that Sherri McDonald has been selected to participate in the year-long Public Health Leadership Institute.

Health Officer's Report

There was no Health Officer’s Report.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.



Clerk of the Board of Health
Date: November 15, 1999 

KEVIN J. O'SULLIVAN, Commissioner (Absent)