Meeting Minutes
August 7, 2000


Members Present


Chairman Diane Oberquell


Commissioner Kevin O'Sullivan


Commissioner Judy Wilson

Approval of the  Agenda

The agenda was approved as submitted.

Approval of the Minutes of July 3, 2000


Audience Reports and Requests

Follow Up on Pesticide Reduction Newspaper Media Campaign:

Heather Hansen, Executive Director of Washington Friends of Farms and Forests, was present and expressed the following concerns with the Weed & Feed ad:


Is the intent to reduce hazardous materials and protect the environment but the ad speaks to cancer risks.


Why not present in a positive way and educate – rather than frighten.


The EPA has a registration process for pesticides, and she believes they are doing a thorough job.


The Department of Ecology did an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Bob Berger expressed concern that the Board of Health would initiate such a campaign and questioned health vs. the cost benefit issue. Mr. Berger inquired if the State Department of Health was contacted prior to running the ad and why this method was chosen.

Gary Wilkinson referred to studies completed and challenged the data/methodology and results.

Larry Dudley suggested that the whole picture be looked at not just cancers and birth defects.

Joe Cole indicated that there are dozens of studies that show the correlation between pesticides and cancer.

Jerry Dierker stated he believes EPA studies are not adequate.

Wes Wasson questioned why this issue of weed and feed came up at all since there are more serious issues to consider.

Matt Parascend asked if Thurston County has a policy on limiting use of herbicides and provided photos. He suggested decisions be made based on facts rather than what could happen.

Neil Wolbert expressed concern with connecting fertilizer to carcinogens, etc. without science based information.

Commissioner Wilson reported that 74 of the 100 responses were requesting less toxic information. Questioned issue of improper use as important a consideration. Way to cause people to think before purchase or use. Issue of over applying

Jeff Van Lierop asked why that approach wasn’t taken instead. The approach that was used made it hard to work together.

Commissioner Wilson expressed appreciation to those offers to work together on these messages.

Other Issues:

Joe Cole expressed concerns to the Board regarding contaminating levels in Budd Inlet and the need to warn the public.

Jerry Dierker expressed concern regarding the excavation underway as part of the Cascade Pole project at the Port of Olympia. He stated concern that workers are not using respirators, and that it was his understanding from discussion with staff at Olympic Air Pollution Control Authority (OAPCA), that a control plan for dust and health and safety plan had not been completed or forwarded to OAPCA.

Don Bache, Port of Olympia, addressed the Board stating that no sediments are being excavated at this time as part of the construction work. The work is being done consistent with permit conditions of the Department of Ecology. There is a health and safety plan and it is being followed. Air omissions are monitored and he has been in continuing contact with staff at OAPCA.


The following correspondence items were presented and discussed:

Several items concerning State Public Health Technology Development.

A letter from Washington State Department of Health Secretary Mary Selecky concerning implementation of the Health Alert Network (HAN) in Thurston County.

A letter from the Soroptimist International of Olympia donating $1,000 to the Thurston County Children’s Dental Health program.

Single Family Well Site Policy

Gary Duvall explained that the Board of Health gave direction in September, 1999 regarding developing a policy for the siting of new single family wells. Since that time, a policy has been developed with industry professionals and Department of Ecology for well siting. Chairman Oberquell inquired about consistency of single family and public water policies regarding roadways within well radii. Gary will look into the issue and will report back to the Board. When discussion was complete, the Board authorized the policies be forwarded to the Division Director for signature and that complimentary policies be developed.

Delegation of Well Construction Inspections

Art Starry indicated that the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) would continue the delegation of specific well construction inspection activities from the Department of Ecology to the Thurston County Public Health and Social Services Department. Funding of the program activities and the benefits of the program were reviewed. Commissioner O’Sullivan MOVED TO APPROVE THE MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT WITH THE DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY AND TO AUTHORIZE THE DIRECTOR OF THE PUBLIC HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT TO SIGN THE AGREEMENT. Commissioner Wilson SECONDED THE MOTION. THE MOTION CARRIED.

DNA Typing Subcontracts

Art Starry presented two subcontracts, one with the University of Washington and one with Dr. Mansour Samadpour to perform the required tasks of the DNA Typing project to differentiate fecal coliform bacteria in the Henderson Inlet Watershed. Staff identified the responsibilities of each subcontractor and Thurston County Environmental Health Division staff. Chairman Oberquell reported hearing from a Fair Manager that Environmental Health staff collected feces samples at the Thurston County Fair without identifying themselves as County Employees. When discussion was complete, Commissioner O’Sullivan MOVED TO AUTHORIZE THE DIRECTOR OF THE PUBLIC HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT TO SIGN THE SUBCONTRACTS WITH THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON AND DR. MANSOUR SAMADPOUR FOR THE DNA TYPING PROJECT IN HENDERSON INLET WATERSHED. Commissioner Wilson SECONDED THE MOTION. THE MOTION CARRIED.

Interagency Work Order Amendment with DSHS for Health Passport Services

Pat Libbey explained that the Amendment is for Health Passport Services, a program that collects and assesses health information on children in out-of-home care, provides referrals and helps ensure children receive preventative and required health care. The Amendment extends the contract for another twelve month period at the same funding level. Commissioner O’Sullivan MOVED TO APPROVE THE INTERAGENCY WORK ORDER AMENDMENT WITH DSHS FOR HEALTH PASSPORT SERVICES IN THE AMOUNT OF $71,318. Commissioner Wilson SECONDED THE MOTION. THE MOTION CARRIED.

Director's Report

There was no Director’s Report.

Health Officer's Report

Dr. Diana Yu reported on the following:


A Tuberculosis case


A new case of E. coli


A death from Legionellosis


An increase in Hepatitis cases.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.



Clerk of the Board of Health
Date: August 7,2000 

KEVIN J. O'SULLIVAN, Commissioner

The Board of Health meets on the 1st and 3rd Board Meetings of the Month. Minutes will be published when approved by the Board of Health at their next regularly scheduled meeting. If you have any questions regarding this meeting, please contact Patti Swanson, Clerk of the Board of Health using e-mail or calling (360) 786-5581.