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Meeting Minutes
January 16, 2001

Members Present

Commissioner Kevin O’Sullivan
Commissioner Cathy Wolfe
Commissioner Diane Oberquell

Election of Board of Health Chairman and Vice Chairman for 2001


Approval Of The Agenda

Pat Libbey requested the Shellfish Protection District Update be moved to the top of the agenda. There being no other changes, the agenda was approved as amended.

Shellfish Protection District Update

Sue Davis provided a very brief history and overview on the creation of a shellfish protection district in Henderson Inlet and a portion of the Nisqually Reach. The Board was asked to comment on the newsletter created to solicit public opinion. The public response will be used to help draft options for the shellfish protection district. Commissioner Wolfe suggested a minor wording change. Otherwise, the Board was content with the material. Ms. Davis invited a Board Member to participate and present a message in a TCTV program on January 30th. It was decided that a Board Member will participate, and staff will be notified once it determined who will take part.

Audience Reports And Requests

There were no audience reports or requests.


A letter was presented from Candace A. Jacobs, DVM, MPH conveying appreciation for prompt and excellent service provided by Steve Peterson when performing an onsite sewage system evaluation. The Board asked that a letter be sent to Dr. Jacobs acknowledging her letter and to Mr. Peterson for a job well done.

Interlocal Agreement With Southwest Washington Health District For Provision Of Regional Aids Services

Pat Libbey explained that this is the Interlocal Agreement with Southwest Washington Health District, which provides State AIDS Omnibus funding for Thurston County. The Department uses the funds to provide HIV/AIDS prevention and care services. Mr. Libbey provided background information, highlighted services provided in this contract, and answered questions of the Board. Included in the discussion was the County’s Syringe Exchange Program. Commissioner Wolfe MOVED TO APPROVE AND EXECUTE THE INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT WITH SOUTHWEST WASHINGTON HEALTH DISTRICT FOR THE PROVISION OF REGIONAL AIDS SERVICES IN THE AMOUNT OF $193,273 FOR THE PERIOD OF JANUARY 1, 2001 THROUGH DECEMBER 31, 2001. Chairman O’Sullivan SECONDED THE MOTION. THE MOTION CARRIED.

Amendment No. 1 To The Municipal Services Contract With Providence St. Peter Hospital/Community Care Clinic

Sherri McDonald provided background information on the Medicaid Administrative Match contracts, indicating that the intent is to help individuals and families connect to systems that enable them to access Medicaid-funded services in their community. The Department has subcontracted with Providence St. Peter Hospital Community Care Programs for these services for the past two years and it is necessary to extend the dollar amount of their contract for the last quarter of 2000. Commissioner Wolfe MOVED TO APPROVE AND EXECUTE AMENDMENT NO. 1 TO THE MUNICIPAL SERVICES CONTRACT WITH PROVIDENCE ST. PETER HOSPITAL/COMMUNITY CARE CLINIC IN THE AMOUNT OF $60,000. Chairman O’Sullivan SECONDED THE MOTION. THE MOTION CARRIED.

Building Child Care Capacity For Children With Special Needs Grant Contract

Ms. McDonald explained that the Washington State Department of Health is offering a grant for "Building Child Care Capacity for Children With Special Needs. This grant will include providing technical assistance and training for providers and parents, increase child care "slots", and work to maintain children in established placements. While some of this work can be accomplished using existing staff, it will be necessary to hire temporary staff during the grant period to accomplish the work and goals of the program. Commissioner Wolfe MOVED TO AUTHORIZE THE DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC HEALTH & SOCIAL SERVICES TO SIGN THE GRANT CONTRACT WITH THE WASHINGTON STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH FOR "BUILDING CHILD CARE CAPACITY FOR CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS THROUGH PUBLIC HEALTH PARTNERSHIPS". Chairman O’Sullivan SECONDED THE MOTION. THE MOTION CARRIED.

Director’s Report

Commissioner Wolfe asked questions concerning the Sea Mar Community Health Clinics and asked for more information and also to schedule a visit.

Chairman O’Sullivan asked about the availability of a Methadone program in Thurston and/or surrounding Counties. Mr. Libbey responded reiterating the Board’s role and responsibilities regarding methadone programs. The Board expressed interest in holding a future briefing on the issue.

Mr. Libbey welcomed Commissioner Wolfe to the Board of Health. Mr. Libbey clarified the different authorities/statutes and roles/responsibilities inherent in the job, and indicated that policy issues will be focused on protecting and promoting the health of all citizens of Thurston County.

Commissioner Oberquell joined the meeting at this time.

Approval Of The Minutes Of December 18, 2000

Commissioner Oberquell accepted the minutes of the meeting held on December 18, 2000 as submitted.

Health Officer's Report

There was not Health Officer’s Report.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.



Clerk of the Board of Health
Date: February 5, 2001 

KEVIN J. O'SULLIVAN, Commissioner
CATHY WOLFE, Commissioner

The Board of Health meets on the 1st and 3rd Board Meetings of the Month. Minutes will be published when approved by the Board of Health at their next regularly scheduled meeting. If you have any questions regarding Board of Health Agendas or Minutes, please contact Patti Swanson, Clerk of the Board of Health using e-mail or calling (360) 786-5581.

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