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Meeting Minutes
February 5, 2001


Members Present

Chairman O'Sullivan

Commissioner Cathy Wolfe

Collaborative Programs with DSHS

Prior to Chairman O’Sullivan joining the meeting, background information was provided to Commissioner Wolfe on public health programs provided in concert with the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS). 

Karen Holt, Community Health Nurse, was present and provided an overview of the Foster Care Passport Program.  Ms. Holt also provided information on the NCAST Training and showed video excerpts of the training. 

Chairman O’Sullivan joined the meeting at this point.

Deb Santella, Community Health Nurse, provided information on the Early Intervention Program and the Alternative Response Program. 

Ken Nichols, DSHS Manager, was present and spoke regarding the benefits of having a Community Health Nurse housed at DSHS.  Mr. Nichols also reported on the status of the Social Worker being assigned to work with the Thurston County Drug Task Force. 

Approval of the Agenda

Mr. Libbey explained that the Department will be using Audience Reports and Requests time to introduce new staff.

The agenda was approved as submitted.

Approval of the Minutes of January 16, 2001


Audience Reports and Requests

Pat Libbey introduced new staff members Julie Miller, Personal Health Program Manager, and Erik Borgesen, Health Educator.  The Board welcomed them to the County.


There was no correspondence.

Site Hazardous Assessment Grant Amendment

Art Starry explained that since 1994 the Department has conducted site hazard assessments, initial investigations, and drug lab investigations using grant funds from the Department of Ecology (DOE).  DOE is offering to amend and extend our current grant contract, in order to continue the Health Department’s capacity to perform these duties, while also overseeing home heating oil tank removals and provide sampling assistance. Gerald Tousley answered questions regarding Meth lab activities and recent demand.  Mr. Tousley provided an overview of the process used when a drug lab is discovered.  The Board expressed interest in receiving more in-depth information at a forthcoming briefing session.  When discussion was complete, Commissioner Wolfe MOVED TO AUTHORIZE THE DIRECTOR OF THE PUBLIC HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT TO SIGN AMENDMENT NO. 3 TO THE SITE HAZARD ASSESSMENT AGREEMENT NO. G9800274.  Chairman O’Sullivan SECONDED THE MOTION.  THE MOTION CARRIED.

Onsite Financial Assistance Program

Mr. Starry indicated that since 1991 Thurston County has made loans available to help property owners, with low to moderate incomes, repair failing septic systems.  Loan funds re obtained from the State Revolving Fund from DOE.   The loan agreement will expire at the end of the year and it is necessary to submit an application now to continue the loan program into 2002.  Mr. Starry provided information on the number and dollar amount of loans provided to date.  Commissioner Wolfe MOVED TO ALLOW THE ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH DIVISION TO SUBMIT A STATE REVOLVING FUND APPLICATION TO THE DEPARTMENT OF ECOLOGY TO CONTINUE THE ONSITE FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM AND TO ALLOW THE DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC HEALTH AND SOCIAL SERVICES TO SIGN THE APPLICATION.  Chairman O’Sullivan SECONDED THE MOTION.  THE MOTION CARRIED.

The Board suggested sending a letter of appreciation to Key Bank for their assistance with the program.

Sewage System Operational Certificate Renewals

Mr. Starry provided information on changes to the sewage system operation and maintenance (O&M) sections of Article IV of the Thurston County Sanitary Code.  Previously the code required O&M certificates for all new or repaired onsite sewage systems, as well as those that were evaluated to enable the sale of real estate.  As a result of modifications to the code, the program now is largely based on providing education and information. Mr. Starry apprised the Board of the steps the Department is taking to require single family or small community sewage systems, that are required to obtain O&M certificates to comply.  The Board asked questions and was agreeable to the proposed process.

Director's Report

There was no Director’s Report.

Health Officer's Report

Dr. Diana Yu provided an update on a current Tuberculosis case and compliance.

Dr. Yu also indicated that there has been an increase in school absenteeism due to flu. 

Commissioner Wolfe asked Dr. Yu for her opinion on Meth labs.  Dr. Yu indicated her primary concern is with finding Meth labs with families and children being involved.  A family oriented approach is taken.  Commissioner inquired concerning treatment for Methamphedamine  addiction.  Mr. Libbey replied that it is a big problem and there is currently no treatment available.  The Board requested more information on the issue.  Mr. Libbey will ask Donna Bosworth to follow up with the Board.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.



Clerk of the Board of Health
Date: February 20, 2001 

KEVIN J. O'SULLIVAN, Commissioner
CATHY WOLFE, Commissioner

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