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This policy governs the assessment of a fee for faulty documents being filed in noncompliance with state statute and state and local court rules.  RCW 36.18.016(23) provides that the Clerk may set and collect a fee for non-statutory services rendered.  This policy will identify this fee as a non-statutory fee for the special handling of documents which are incorrect, incomplete or in non-compliance with court rules or statutes.  This fee is assessed to recover staff costs for the prompt corrections of documents filed with errors as outlined in Attachment “A” attached hereto and by reference incorporated herein. Further governing authorities for implementation of the procedures for this policy are located in Attachment “B.” In addition to the establishment of this policy, the Clerk’s Office will provide a system for monitoring and collecting the fees that are charged as a result.

It is the purpose of this policy to reduce the amount of noncompliant document filings which generate additional non-statutory services provided by the Clerk’s Office.  With the reduction in the number of noncompliant documents being filed, staff will be able to return to their required duties.

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DISMISSAL POLICY : Effective January 1, 2010

This policy governs the assessment of a fee to parties to an action filed with the Superior Court who fail to bring cases to completion because of failure to proceed or prosecute the case, appear for trial, failure to file a final order on settlement, failure to follow case schedule, failure to file final judgment or appeal following an arbitration award, lack of action of record, or failure to comply with court-ordered deadlines for reports.

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DISMISSAL ELIGIBILITY LIST: Pursuant to Civil Rule 41(b)(2) cases will be dismissed or closed by the Court for want of prosecution upon motion and a hearing scheduled by the County Clerk.

In order to have the matter removed from the Dismissal Eligibility List you must take an action of record (in court) or file a status report for each individual case (indicating the reason for the inactivity and projecting future activity and a case completion date.)

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