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Thurston County Clerk's Office e-Filing Service

E-FILE TESTING IS DONE BETWEEN 8 AM and 11 AM Monday through Friday.

All e-file related questions and/or support issues are to be directed to:

Attorney's Offices, Government Agencies, Organizations and the PUBLIC

The Thurston County Clerk's office is excited to be able to provide an e-filing service for e-filing Superior Court documents. Time and cost savings are the benefits of using our e-file service. This service will eliminate travel to/from the courthouse, parking issues and the line at the front counter.

Please read the information below and then follow the instructions in the "How can I, my office, agency, or organization begin e-filing?" section in the "Questions and Answers" below.


The First page of any document e-filed must have the upper right-hand corner of the document BLANK so it does not affect the automated time-stamp.

* ALWAYS CHECK THE CLERK'S AVAILABLE FORMS PAGE TO ENSURE YOU ARE USING THE CURRENT COVER PAGE as these change when calendars change. ( An E-filing with an incorrect coverpage will be rejected )

Any document that is not a legal pleading and/or does not have room for the automated file stamp in the upper right-hand corner must have a cover sheet as the first page of the document. You can download this cover sheet and read the specifics here: (Cover Sheet: Report Title Page)

Before emailing your request to start e-filing, ensure your document(s) comply with all the requirements. You can find document requirements information in the following documents and web pages (each will open a new browser window



  • Cover sheets for sealed documents must be attached as PAGE ONE to the document that needs to be sealed per (LCR 79).  A separate copy of the cover sheet itself must also be e-filed for filing in the public file.
    Read more information and get the appropriate Sealed cover sheet: Available Forms page .
  • Cover sheets for confidential documents must be attached as PAGE one to the document that needs to be confidential. A separate copy of the cover sheet itself must also be e-filed for filing in the public file.

Email all e-file support questions, or any questions that are not answered below to: TCCLERKEFILE


Question: Who can e-file Documents with the Clerk's Office?

Response: Anyone

Question: Why a .TIF image and not a .PDF or WORD document?

Response: Although .PDF format (created by Adobe in 1993) has become the standard for most scanners, almost all scanners also provide the .TIF (Tagged Image File Format - created by Aldus Corp. in the mid-1980s, but now controlled by Adobe) because it is one of the most popular and flexible of the current public domain raster file formats. The Group Type 4 compressed image file format has been around since 1988 and is still poplular with document storage due to its benefit of saving disk space (smaller image sizes) without losing image quality.

Question: What documents can I or my office e-file?

Response: Documents (pleadings) related to an open court case in Thurston County Superior Court.

Question: How do I e-file EXHIBITS?

Response: Exhibits must be scanned together with their associated document. Do not scan exhibits as separate images and e-file them. The same rules apply concerning colored paper. If you have exhibits on colored or textured paper, COPY the exhibits on your copier and use the copies as your scanned exhibits. If your documents and all your exhibits exceed 7MB in size, you will need to scan the document in portions

  1. Scan the first group of pages with the original document
  2. Place a BLANK WHITE PAGE as the first page on the second group and scan. The Blank page will receive the time-stamp and we delete this page when merging).
  3. Name the first image according to your assigned naming convention
  4. Do the same with the second image but include the word MERGE before the .TIF extension. This will alert those who process that the two documents require merging.
  5. E-file your documents

Question: What documents CANNOT be e-filed by me or my office?


  • exparte matters
  • answers with counter claims, etc..
  • We also do not accept Bench Copies for the judicial office
  • NOTE: Upon completion of testing, you will receive additional user guides on how to e-file new cases, or documents requiring a fee.

Question: Will I get a conformed copy when I e-file?

Response: You won't receive a conformed copy after your e-filing. The confirmation email you receive back from the e-filing system is your confirmation that it was e-filed. NOTE: If your e-filing is rejected due to improper format or for other reasons, you will receive an email concerning the details.

Question: When scanning a document image per requirements, can I scan colored paper?

Response: Any original documents that are on colored paper and/or onion skin or other non-standard white bond paper should be copied on your copier and then the COPY should be scanned for your e-file document image. Colored or other material paper generate a lower quality, larger sized image.

Question: How can my Attorneys, Government agency begin e-filing?

E-FILE TESTING IS DONE BETWEEN 8 AM and 11 AM Monday through Friday.

If you submit (email) your sample MULTI-page .TIF image of a-Superior Court document after 11 AM, you will be contacted the following weekday to begin your e-file testing.

  1. Please, Only submit your sample if you are able to complete the whole e-file testing process in the same day. We understand there may be interruptions during this process, but the goal is to complete the process the day it is started.
  2. Ensure you have a scanner that can create a single, multi-page document image that is in the Group Type 4 TIF format and is configured for 200x200 dpi (dots per inch), Black and White, Group Type 4 compressed. We do not accept .PDF e-filings at this time, but are testing PDF file compression schemes and may allow PDFs in the future. Some scanner software have the option for "FAX QUALITY" .TIF images which generates the Group Type 4 200x200 dpi.
  3. To ensure your scanner is not set to "AUTO-DETECT" color and will scan all images in BLACK AND WHITE only, on the last page of your sample write something on the page using a RED or BLUE ink pen. This helps ensure your scanner settings are correct so future e-filings are not rejected (due to the color format).
  4. Designate someone in your office as your PRIMARY contact person. Have this person scan an actual Superior Court document (multi-page .TIF image per the specifications in the temporary user guide below) and email it to the address below. This image provides the best "actual" example of an e-file and will be verified for both quality and format.
  5. Upon completion of the image testing, the primary contact will be provided with your office's personal e-file user guide (which contains your office's e-file naming convention and the login information). At that time, it is highly encouraged that the primary contact document exactly what steps were done with the scanner/software to achieve the successful image format to ensure the system does not reject future e-filings. The primary contact with then perform an actual TEST e-filing.  Upon that success, your office may officially begin filing documents through the e-file service.

    NOTE: Your scanner should have an automatic document feeder (ADF) to ensure that you are able to continue scanning all pages of a document should your scanner limit your ability to place all pages in the ADF at one time.

Provide us with the information on who the primary contact person will be. We will be working with this individual during the initial testing from your office.

Email Address: 
Phone Number: 

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the primary contact (upon completion of testing) to ensure:
  1. that anyone/everyone from your office/agency/organization who will be scanning and e-filing knows exactly how you accomplished the required scanned image format (to prevent an improper format/image size from being rejected after you've e-filed). If you have several scanners in your office/agency/organization that will be used, each must be confirmed to generate the proper image format.
  2. that anyone/everyone from your office who will be scanning and e-filing receives a complete copy of your office's personal user guide (which has the e-file site link, login information and most importantly has the instructions on the last page pertaining to office's assigned file naming convention).
  3. The Primary contact is provided the password to login to the secure FTP e-file site. It is the responsibility of the primary contact to provide all users in the office/agency/organization who will be e-filing with this password and the complete personal user guide. If the password is required to be changed, the primary contact will be notified one week prior to change. The primary must pass on this information to all users in the office/agency/organization.

* If we have received your sample Group Type 4, 200x200 d.pi. black and white, multi-page .TIF image before 11 AM on a weekday, we will work with your primary contact throughout the process of getting you up and running with our e-filing service that day. (Once the testing begins, please ensure your or your primary contact is available to complete the testing in a timely manner). If your sample image is received after 11 AM on a workday, your primary contact will be contacted the following day to begin testin.

* Upon successful completion of the testing process, you will be asked to delete any copies of the sample User's Guide and always refer to your office's personal User Guide, which again, contains login information and office-specific requirements for naming your document image files prior to e-filing your Superior Court documents with the Thurston County Clerk's Office. 

* BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR SAMPLE IMAGE: View the propers of the image to ensure your .TIF is a 200x200 d.p.i Group Type 4 image. Some scanner do not provide the Group Type 4 as an option but have a selection for "FAX" quality which generates the Group Type 4. At the present time, if your scanner does not generate a Group Type 4 .TIF, we regret to say you will not be able to e-file.

* When you have your sample multi-page Superior Court .TIF image scanned and are ready (per the specifications) ... CLICK HERE TO EMAIL YOUR REQUEST and attach your sample Multi-page Superior Court document image to begin e-filing testing..

Be sure to periodically check your "JUNK MAIL" if you do not see our email in your INBOX.