Thurston County Courthouse Complex
Thurston County Courthouse Complex
2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW
Olympia, WA 98502
Information Desk: (360) 754-3800
Telecommunications Device (TDD):
(360) 754-2933 or (800) 737-7894
Phone Number and E-Mail Contact Information

Hours of Business:
General hours of business are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. District Court hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For specifics regarding the hours of availability for a service from an Office, a Department, or an Agency, please contact the Office, Department, or Agency in question.

Thurston County 1- 800 Access Number:
To reach the County's switchboard from outside the local access area, call 1-800-624-1234.  This number has only one line available and will work only for calls made within Thurston County and outside of the local access area.

Elected Officials Information     Thurston County Government Holiday Closures
Office, Department, Agency Phone Number Contact Info / Send E-mail
ADA Coordinator 360-786-5498
TTY: 7-1-1 or
(None available)
Area Agency on Aging (360) 664-2168 (None available)
Assessor (360) 867-2200 Send an E-mail Message
Auditor (360) 786-5224 Send an E-mail Message
Board of Equalization (360) 786-5135 Ruth Elder
Board of Health (360) 786-5440 (See Commissioners)
Civil Service Commission(360) 754-2937Send an E-mail Message
Clerk(360) 786-5430Send an E-mail Message
Commissioners(360) 786-5440
    John Hutchings - District 1
   Send an E-mail Message
    Gary Edwards- District 2
    Send an E-mail Message
    Bud Blake - District 3
    Send an E-mail Message
Coroner (360) 867-2140(None available)
Corrections Facility(360) 786-5510(None available)
County Manager(360) 786-5440Send an E-mail Message
Court House Directions(360) 786-5563(None available)
District Court(360) 786-5450Send an E-mail Message
District Court Probation(360) 786-5452(None available)
Emergency Management(360) 867-2800Send an E-mail Message
Environmental Review & Permitting
   Building Department
   Development Services
   Permit Assistance Center
(360) 786-5490Send an E-mail Message
Fair(360) 786-5453Send an E-mail Message
Family and Juvenile Court(360) 709-3260Send an E-mail Message
GeoData Center(360) 754-4594Send an E-mail Message
Historic Preservation(360) 754-3355 ext. 6348(None available)
Human Resources (360) 786-5498(None available)
Information Desk(360) 754-3800 Send an E-mail Message
Jail(360) 786-5510(None available)
Juvenile Court Probation(360) 709-3131Send an E-mail Message
Medic One - Business Only(360) 704-2780Send an E-mail Message
Medic One - Emergencies911 (None available)
Noxious Weed Control(360) 786-5576Send an E-mail Message
Permit Assistance Center(360) 786-5490 Send an E-mail Message
   Capital Facilities Planning
   Long Range Planning
   Regional Sustainability
   Strategic Planning
(360) 786-5490
Pretrial Screening Unit(360) 754-2946(None available)
Program & Budget Development(360) 754-3800 Send an E-mail Message
Prosecuting Attorney(360) 786-5540 Send an E-mail Message
Public Defense (360) 754-4897 Send an E-mail Message
Public Health & Social Services(360) 867-2500 Send an E-mail Message
Public Information Officer(360) 709-3073 Send an E-mail Message
Public Works
   Parks & Trails
   Roads & Transportation
   Solid Waste
(360) 867-2300 Send an E-mail Message
Recreation Services
   Parks & Recreation
(360) 786-5595Staff Phone Numbers and E-Mail
Resource Stewardship (360) 786-5490Send an E-mail Message
Sheriff - Business Only(360) 786-5500 Send an E-mail Message
Sheriff - Emergencies911 (None available)
Solid Waste(360) 357-2491Send an E-mail Message
Superior Court(360) 786-5560Send an E-mail Message
TTY/TDD7-1-1 or
(None available)
Treasurer(360) 786-5550 Staff Phone Numbers and E-Mail
Water Resources (360) 754-4681Send an E-mail Message
WSU Extension(360) 867-2151 Staff Phone Numbers and E-Mail