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December, 2014
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 Final Construction Kicked off for a New Park and Ride Lot.

Lot to open later this year.

“Commute trip reduction”, “environmental sustainability”, “beneficial economic impact” and “interagency cooperation” were some of the phrases used recently when the official ground breaking was held for a new park and ride lot in northeast Thurston County. The lot is being built on 8.1 acres at Thurston County’s Waste and Recovery Center off of Hogum Bay Road adjacent to Interstate-5 at exit 111.

At the ceremony, Thurston County Commissioner Cathy Wolfe remarked on the benefits of the new park and ride lot, including replacement of a similar lot that used to be on Marvin Road and the beneficial impact of hundreds of cars that will not be on the road. “This is really a huge help, not only for people in their personal lives with gas prices and everything else, but it’s going to go a long way toward helping us reduce the number of vehicle miles traveled.”

Features of the new park and ride lot include-

  • 332 total parking spaces
  • 10 Americans with Disabilities Act parking spaces
  • A transit island for fixed-route and dial-a-lift services
  • Security lighting and video surveillance
  • Five electric vehicle charging stations

Thurston County agreed to lease the acreage to Intercity Transit for a dollar a year for 20 years. Other partners in the project include the City of Lacey, State Department of Transportation and the Meridian Campus Commercial Owners Association. Intercity Transit General Manager Michael Harbour told the crowd that community partnerships played a key role in putting the project together. “Thanks to Lacey and the County, we’re able to take this piece of property, which doesn’t have a lot of other great uses, and turn it into a park and ride lot that going to serve us for many, many years to come.”

Preliminary work began on the site in 2009. Because the lot is on top of the old landfill, a new liner was installed and more than 145,000 tons of fill was brought in to stabilize the area. The second phase of construction, getting underway now, will provide the paved lot itself, the lighting, environmentally friendly landscaping and other features.

County Commissioner Sandra Romero says the new parking spaces will help provide some relief on one of the area’s most used transportation corridors. “This will double our region’s park and ride capacity and of course help with the congestion on I-5; a real help in the northeast Lacey area where we’re really growing.”

Funding for the project includes about $6.5-million from the State Department of Transportation and $591-thousand from Intercity Transit. The lot is expected to open by the end of the year.

In the first photo left to right- Brian Lagerberg, Director, Public Transportation-WSDOT, Ed Hildreth, Vice Chair of Intercity Transit Authority and Tumwater City Council member, Jason Hearn, Deputy Mayor, City of Lacey, State Representative Sam Hunt, Thurston County Commissioner Karen Valenzuela, Thurston County Commissioner Cathy Wolfe, Marty Thies, Chair of Intercity City Transit Authority, Thurston County Commissioner Sandra Romero and Tumwater City Council Member Neil McClanahan.

By John Tennis

Officials at the new park and ride lot site. Officials at the new park and ride lot site.

An overview of the new park and ride lot. An overview of the new park and ride lot.