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December, 2014
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 75210 Dazzles at Lacey Fun Fair and in Board Room

How do you 75210?

A gathering of unicyclists and human-sized fruits and vegetables delighted the crowd at the Lacey Spring Fun Fair Grand Parade on May 19. The group of county Health Department staff, family and friends paraded down the street with fun in mind as well as purpose: to promote five very important numbers—75210.

As Active Healthy Communities Coordinator Chris Hawkins explains, the numbers represent simple steps children and their families can take to stay healthy and prevent chronic illness:

  • 7 – Eat breakfast every day of the week.
  • 5 – Eat fruits and vegetables at least five or more times most days.
  • 2 – Limit screen time unrelated to school to two hours or less per day.
  • 1 – Get one hour or more of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day.
  • 0 – Drink less sugar. Try water and low-fat milk instead of sugar-sweetened drinks.

The 75210 parade team won the Best Community Participation Sweepstakes Award for their efforts, and was commended by county commissioners at their weekly public meeting on May 22. Best moment? Aidan Canavan (son of Health Department staffer Christine Canavan) delivering the award astride his unicycle.

Staff participants in the Lacey Fun parade: Dr. Diana Yu, Christine Canavan, Kenneth Walker, Lesley Wigen.

In the first photo- County Commissioners celebrate the 75210 campaign. Featured, l. to r: Christine Canavan, Commissioner Sandra Romero, Aidan Canavan, Commissioners Cathy Wolfe and Karen Valenzuela, Chris Hawkins and Lesley Wigen.

In the second photo Giant Carrot (aka Health Department staffer Kenneth Walker) struts his stuff at the Lacey Spring Fun Fair Grand Parade.

In the third photo- Commissioner Wolfe greets parade participant Aidan Canavan who rode his unicycle into the boardroom to deliver the Best Community Participation Sweepstakes Award.

By Keith Eisner

Commissioners welcome 75210 participants. Commissioners welcome 75210 participants.

Kenneth Walker, AKA the giant carrot! Kenneth Walker, AKA the giant carrot!

Aiden Canavan and Commissioner Wolfe. Aiden Canavan and Commissioner Wolfe.