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December, 2014
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Changes at Thurston County Superior Court

(More) Changes at Thurston County Superior Court

County Benefits from “JBLM Day of Service”

It’s official!

Health Systems Doing a Good Job of Tracking Illnesses

Families Welcome New Members

Perfection is Reality for County Waste Water Treatment Plant

Less Leftovers, More Joy

The Klondike Kings and the telegraph to nowhere

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 Plastic Bags and our Community

Please take our survey

Thurston County residents use more than 90 million plastic shopping bags each year. Solid Waste staff would like to work with the citizens, cities, retailers, and community groups of Thurston County on the issues related to disposable bags. Our goal is to develop possible solutions to reduce their use. To learn more about plastics and the effects on our community, please visit the Recycling web site.

Our first step on the topic of bags will be to coordinate with interested cities to host a series of community meetings. If you would like to receive periodic emails about the work we will be doing, meeting schedules and more information on the issue, please sign up here.

We will be surveying residents about plastic bags at community meetings, special events, and in front of local retail stores. In exchange for completing the survey at these events, residents will receive a free, reusable, recycled content shopping bag. The survey is also available on line.

Solid Waste has purchased copies of the documentary DVD “Bag It”. We will be arranging for as many public screenings as we can. If you would like to coordinate a viewing for your church, neighborhood, or community group, please contact Loni Hanka at You can also rent the movie for home use on services such as Amazon or Blockbuster. The movie summary states “Try going a day without plastic. In this touching and often flat-out-funny film, we follow everyman Jeb Berrier as he embarks on a global tour to unravel the complexities of our plastic world. What starts as a film about plastic bags evolves into a wholesale investigation into plastic and its effect on our waterways, oceans and even our own bodies. We see how our crazy-for-plastic world has finally caught up to us and what we can do about it.”

Volunteers of all ages are needed to survey residents, distribute free reusable bags, and coordinate showings of the "Bag It" video. For more information on how you can get involved, contact Loni Hanka at

Bags by the Numbers:

  • The average length of time used for a plastic bag is 12 minutes
  • Americans use a half-million plastic bags every minute
  • Nearly 200,000 plastic bags are land filled every hour
  • Americans use 30 billion plastic grocery bags each year
  • It takes 12 million barrels of oil to make the bags Americans use each year

By Terri Thomas

Please take our survey on plastic bags. Please take our survey on plastic bags.