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December, 2014
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From the Archives- High-Flying Fun with OWL

Ah…they don’t make Washington State Official Voter Pamphlets like they used to. At least, not like the 1976 edition that featured the antics of local musician Red Kelly’s notorious OWL Party. Kelly, a jazzman who played with the likes of Woody Herman, Stan Kenton, Harry James and Frank Sinatra, founded the OWL Party as a mirthful alternative to the regular slate of candidates.

It was great fun, and Kelly’s “joke” candidacy for governor received over 12,000 votes (Dixy Lee Ray beat John Spellman for the office). But the party was over the next year when state legislators tightened nomination regulations, making it virtually impossible for another OWL-type invasion of the election process. Democracy’s gain was humor’s loss, but we can still savor OWL Party statements. Excerpts courtesy of the Legacy Project.

Red Kelly for Governor Statement:

  • The importance of this election to the citizens of our fair state cannot be underestimated.
  • The issues are broad, high, wide and handsome is as handsome does.
  • It has become apparent that unemployment isn’t working.

Jack “The Ripoff” Lemon for Lt. Governor
  • My platform is a four cornered triangle which has as its cornerstone a piece of pink venetian marble which I picked up while spelunking in the catacombs under the Vatican.
  • I can further promise that within 24 hours after elections, heads will roll at the state capitol. This will be accomplished by the renting of two dozen Porta-Pottys, placing them on wheels and pushing them over the precipice behind the Governor’s Mansion.

Jack T. Perciful for Treasurer

From time-to-time we should call in all the state’s negotiable assets and convert them to cash just to see what all that money looks like.

“Fast” Lucie Griswold for Secretary of State

It has come to my attention while campaigning across the width and breadth of Tumwater that no Secretary of State has ever been able to take shorthand or do typing.

“Bunco” Bob Kelly for Attorney General Remember a vote for “Bunco” Bob is like taking a trip.

OWL Party Motto: We don’t give a hoot!

By Keith Eisner

Red Kelly from the Voter's Pamphlet. Red Kelly from the Voter's Pamphlet.