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June, 2014
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 Celebrate Spring with the Seven Wonders

Popular attractions await in Thurston County

As winter winds down and spring revs up, there’s no better time to appreciate the beauty of our area. If you’re wondering where to celebrate the lengthening days and warmer temperatures, consider using the “Seven Wonders of Thurston County” as a guide. Local residents selected the seven sites in an online poll initiated by Thurston County Commissioner Sandra Romero in the summer of 2011.

The attractions (ranked according to number of votes) are:

  • 7. Olympia’s Farmers Market
  • 6. Nisqually Wildlife Refuge
  • 5. Tenino Quarry Pool
  • 4. Tumwater Falls Park
  • 3. Wolf Haven
  • 2. Mima Mounds
  • 1. Capitol Campus

More information on these sites, including links, is available at the county’s Seven Wonders page.

By Keith Eisner

The Capitol dome reflected in Capitol Lake. The Capitol dome reflected in Capitol Lake.