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September, 2014
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Back-to-School Safety 101:

Hope for the Best…..Prepare for the Worst!

Telephone Alerts Available for Flooding Hazards

The War on Food Waste

Little Red School House Drive a Big Success!

A Herd of Folks at the Thurston County Fair

Making it in the Dry Years

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 Three “R”s Can Earn a Patch.

Youth groups invited to work on Reducing, Reusing, & Recycling

Groups can work to reduce trash, reuse items, and recycle more. By being part of the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Patch (RRR) program, youth from Thurston County will learn how to prevent and reduce waste and take better care of their environment and neighborhood. After a group completes activities and action projects, they can fill out a Patch Requirement Sheet. Thurston County Solid Waste will send free patches to the group for practicing the 3 R’s.

Don’t stop with the RRR Patch Program!

Thurston Solid Waste has even more opportunities for youth in organizations, such as scouts, to earn badges, patches, pins, and service hours. We have helpful presentations that show you:

  • What you can recycle in your community.
  • How you can recycle at home.
  • Where your garbage goes.

Staff can also help group members learn to teach others. Youth can work alongside Master Recycler Composter education volunteers or county outreach staff and “learn by doing”. One example activity is to show people how to sort their waste and recycling at a public event like the Thurston County Fair.

If your group is interested and would like more information about either of these options, please visit the Solid Waste Youth Pages , or contact Colleen Minion at (360) 867-2280 or

By Colleen Minion

Three Rs equal one patch! Three Rs equal one patch!