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September, 2014
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 Auditor’s Office Recognizes Three for Special Birthdays

Also honored for voter participation

What do three residents of Capital Place retirement home in Olympia have in common? They have all reached the milestone birthday of 100 and they all have been consistent voters over the years. They were also recognized recently by the Thurston County Auditor’s Office for outstanding participation in elections.

Among those honored by Auditor Gary Alexander and staff was Joel Ogren who turned 100 this past January 11. He was born in South Bend, Washington in 1913. Joel says he remembers travel by horse and buggy. Imagine a life that covers horseback to the rocket age and the internet!

Also receiving recognition was Marion Sollie who turned 100 on April 4. She was born in Aberdeen, Washington and has lived her entire life in the state. She has two daughters and 13 grandchildren.

Last is Norman Cowan who will be 101 this coming July 12. A native of Australia, Norman has traveled the world. His work life includes a 21-year stint as a printer with the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper where he helped with the transition from “lead” typeface characters to computer driven printing.

Congratulations to Joel, Marion and Norman for their longevity and for taking part in the most basic democratic privilege, voting!

By John Tennis

Auditor Gary Alexander and Joel Ogren. Auditor Gary Alexander and Joel Ogren.

Gary with Marion Sollie. Gary with Marion Sollie.

Norman Cowen. Norman Cowen.