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December, 2014
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 Community Partners work on SR 510 Roundabouts

Ground broken recently for the projects

Ground broken recently for the projects This fall, two new roundabouts on State Route 510—one at Yelm Highway and one at Reservation Road—will make travel safer and more efficient for the thousands of drivers who use these routes every day. This past June Thurston County Commissioner Sandra Romero joined leaders from the Nisqually Tribe, the Federal Highway Administration, the Washington State Patrol, InterCity Transit and the Washington State Department of Transportation (WASDOT) at the groundbreaking ceremony.

The $5 million project is a response to the high rate of collisions and heavy peak-hour congestion at the Yelm Highway and Reservation Road intersections with SR 510. A 2011 coordinated study between the Nisqually Tribe and Thurston County Public Works determined that roundabouts at these intersections would provide an efficient and cost-effective method to reduce collisions and improve traffic flow. The project is funded with federal and state dollars. WSDOT awarded the project to KLB Construction.

In her remarks at the ceremony, Commissioner Romero cited several benefits of the new roundabouts. “The construction work infuses $5 million into our local economy. A better traffic flow means less gas is wasted by idling vehicles especially at commute time, and drivers will be less stressed-out. The improved traffic flow will also help emergency services. In terms of the speed of medical response, our county is ranked as the second best place in the state to have a heart attack. This project will make us even safer,” she said.

By John Tennis

Nisqually elder Joe Kalama leads the invocation. Nisqually elder Joe Kalama leads the invocation.

Commissioner Sandra Romero delivers remarks. Commissioner Sandra Romero delivers remarks.