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December, 2014
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 Please be Safe While Swimming or Rafting.

Spring and early summer can be dangerous on rivers.

Maybe you don’t have a boat but still want to do some swimming or take a raft, canoe or inner tube down one of the local rivers. Safety should always come first in those situations as well.

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office Dive Rescue Team wants to take a moment to encourage everyone on or near the water to take safety precautions before and during outings.

Most water, especially moving water, in Thurston County is still very cold this time of year. The river runoff from the melting snow and ice in the mountains makes its way here to our waters. People often confuse the air temperature outside as affecting the water temperature, but this has little impact. Please remember that water temperatures in the rivers are often in the 50 degree range.

When in, or near, moving water we encourage everyone to wear a proper floatation device. If persons don’t know how to swim, we strongly recommend wearing a floatation device even in shallow lakes and try to stay in designated swim areas. Always swim with at least one other person, and if in large groups make sure everyone knows how to swim and pair up. Remember that most areas do not have on-duty life guards. Plan your outing and remember to tell others about your plans. If you are floating down one of our rivers, be especially cautious. In particular, avoid fallen trees that have landed in the water. There may be branches that you cannot see that can sweep your raft under the water, tear a hole or even capture someone by snagging a belt or an article of clothing. It may be safest to get out of the water and walk around the obstacle. And always tell someone where you will be and when you believe you will return.

Please help us to prevent drowning by taking some of these simple steps to be safe. Have a safe and fun summer in the beautiful out-doors of Thurston County.

By Ray Brady

Increased precautions mean increased, safe, fun! Increased precautions mean increased, safe, fun!