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September, 2014
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 Sheriff’s Office Awards Ceremonies

Special recognition held May 16

Thurston County Sheriff John Snaza recently held an event recognizing individuals who have made a significant impact on the community through work in the Sheriff’s Office or through their actions of selflessness. The awards ceremony also celebrated a Sheriff for the Day, volunteers and those who have reached career milestones.

Among the honors-

Citizen Commendation ~ This award is for any citizen who performs an act that jeopardizes their own safety while assisting the Sheriff’s Office or while attempting to save the life of another person.

On March 5, 2014, Michael Elwess was alerted that a vehicle was partially submerged in McAllister Creek. With the help of an unidentified citizen, Mr. Elwess was able to get the female driver out of the car. The water was up to her face just before they got her out. The bank was very steep and the victim couldn’t be moved out of the water, so Mr. Elwess held the victim above the water line until the arrival of emergency personnel.

By his quick thinking, selfless and brave act, Mr. Elwess rescued a citizen from a life threatening situation and deserves the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office Citizen Commendation.

Ceremonial swearing in (Oath of Office) ~ Lucy Boyd (Chief for a Day)

The Criminal Justice Training Commission hosts a Chief for a Day event every few years for terminally ill children who get to play the role of Chief of Police (or Sheriff) for a day. It’s a full day and the participating agencies have special activities before and after the Chief for a Day program. This year’s event will be held on Thursday, August 21, 2014 at the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission in Burien. For more information on the Chief for a Day event visit the event’s Face Book page.

This year The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office is proud to welcome Chief for a Day Lucy Boyd who was sworn in by Thurston County Superior Court Judge Carol Murphy.

Ceremonial swearing in (Oath of Office) ~

Two members of the Community Services Unit (CSU) were sworn in. Volunteers Chris Cain and Bernadette (Bernie) Sison took the oath for Special Deputy and will help the Sheriff’s Office with citizen patrols, work at community events and in other capacities. In 2013, such volunteers provided more than 4,000 hours of community service.

Certificate of Appreciation ~ This certificate is awarded to individuals who have shown years of dedicated service to the citizens of Thurston County and support to the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office.

Detective Tim Arnold – Civil Emergency Response Team

In recognition of over 15 years of dedicated commitment and service as a member of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office Civil Emergency Response Team.

Sergeant Ken Clark – Hostage Negotiation Team

In recognition of over 10 years of dedicated commitment and service as a member of the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office Hostage Negotiations Team.

Years of Service Presentations

Years of service are awarded in five-year increments for Sheriff’s Office employees. Those who have been with the Sheriff’s Office for 20 years or more receive a framed certificate that is presented to them at our awards ceremonies.

  • Deputy Ryan Russell – 20 Years
  • Legal Assistant John Tom Dennis – 25 Years
  • Corrections Deputy Bill McBeth – 25 Years
  • Deputy Brad Watkins – 25 Years
  • Deputy Gary Griffin – 30 Years

By John Tennis

Sheriff John Snaza and Michael Elwess. Sheriff John Snaza and Michael Elwess.

Judge Carol Murphy swears in Lucy Boyd. Judge Carol Murphy swears in Lucy Boyd.