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December, 2014
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 Teacher's Journal-1906.

From the Archives.

What was it like to teach school more than 100 years ago? Read on. The following excerpts are from the journal of Ray Gruhlke, written at the beginning of the 1906 school year in Yelm. Excerpts compiled from the July 19, 2000 edition of The Olympian.

“Quite a Wild Country”

Oct. 1 -- My first day of school. I didn't have the least idea how to start out, but I managed to get along somehow. I have a small, wooden schoolhouse. There are 8 seats. I enrolled 7 pupils this morning, practically all Germans, although they can talk English. There are 3 girls and 4 boys. Two sixth grade, one fifth, three third and one first year. The youngest is 7 and has been to school a part of a year. He is scart half to death every time I come around. On the whole I got along very well. The chief trouble is that they have so few books.

Oct. 3 -- This is quite a wild country around here. There are few farms. Coyotes are numerous, even coming into the yard in the daylight after chickens. Drabes' dog disappeared yesterday and they think the coyotes got him. They say there are cougars around near here.

Oct. 4 -- I am getting along pretty well at school now. I saw the clerk and got a dustpan and an axe for the school.

Oct. 5 -- I went to Olympia on my wheel after school. It took me not quite two hours. It is 22 miles from the schoolhouse. I am glad to get home again.

Oct. 31 -- They want to have school eight months and I think I will get $45 all right beginning in January. I paid my board tonight $10. I am making slow progress in studying…. I have an alcohol stove to heat water in the morning. It costs me about five cents a week. I have bought several new books in Olympia Saturday and managed to spend nearly all of my month's wages.

By Keith Eisner

Education is elementary! Education is elementary!