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December, 2014
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 What to do With Those Household Chemicals?

Changes at HazoHouse.

HazoHouse, at the Thurston County Waste and Recovery Center, provides free and proper disposal of household hazardous waste for Thurston County residents. There have been some recent changes that we want to let our residents know about.

Paint Options HazoHouse accepts oil-based paint, along with all stains, varnish, and thinners. Latex paint is not considered a hazardous waste and will no longer be accepted at HazoHouse. The exception is latex paint made before 1989, since it may contain lead or mercury.

So what should you do with your leftover latex paint? If you have no projects that could benefit from a coat of many colors, try donating to neighbors, schools, and theater groups. If your paint can is ¼ or less full, remove the lid and let it dry out in a safe, ventilated area. If your paint can is more than ¼ full, you can add a commercial paint hardener (available at hardware stores), kitty litter, shredded paper, or another absorbent filler to help it dry out.

Check the paint’s dryness with a stick and when tacky enough that it will no longer spill, place it in the trash with the lid off. All can contents MUST be dried up or solidified before being placed in the trash. Liquid latex paints and stains can spill while awaiting collection or during the collection process. Paint leaking into trucks and onto roadways poses tremendous cleanup challenges. Any trash cans containing liquid or soft paint will be left as unacceptable by trash collection crews.

Battery Options HazoHouse does accept many batteries, just not the alkaline variety, which are the common household batteries used for many flashlights and small electronics. Bring all other batteries, including rechargeable, NiCad, lithium, silver oxide, and button batteries to HazoHouse. Place batteries individually in plastic baggies or place tape across terminals. This prevents contact between the terminals that could cause a fire during storage or shipping. HazoHouse also accepts up to 3 car batteries per residential customer per day. Many automotive stores will take them as well.

Interstate Battery on Pacific Avenue does accept alkaline batteries, as well as car batteries, for recycling. Also, consider switching to rechargeable batteries. Although they cost more to purchase up front, they last much longer and are easier to recycle. Then you can avoid the waste dilemma and save money in the long run!

Propane Tanks Up to three propane tanks are accepted from residential customers per day. Only the 20 lb/5 gallon or smaller barbecue tanks are accepted. There is no need to de-valve the tanks.

Fluorescent Tubes and Ballasts Because they contain a small amount of mercury, HazoHouse accepts all fluorescent light bulbs, tubes, and yard light bulbs. Ballasts are limited to 15 per day, and please bring no more than 30 tubes or bulbs per day. Do not tape tubes together, or they may break when separated, but do pack them carefully in their original box or in newspaper or plastic, so they do not break in your car.

For More Information For HazoHouse hours, location, and other items accepted, click here. To learn more about having a health home environment, click here.

If you have a group that would like to learn more about household hazardous products, how to read labels, and how to choose the safest product for your home, call the Environmental Health Educators at 360-867-2674. Presentation timing is flexible and can include making a multi-purpose “green cleaner” to bring home.

In the photo- When you bring household hazardous wastes to HazoHouse, place them upright, in sturdy containers so they do not tip and spill."

By Rachel Laderman

Handle items carefully! Handle items carefully!