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December, 2014
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 Protect The Investment in Your Home!

Some common sense about septic.

Septic systems, or on-site sewer systems, are a very important part of homes when they are used. The proper maintenance of such systems is one way to protect the value of your property. Read on about some important information about such systems.

Septic systems treat sewage.- They are not designed to treat food wastes from a garbage disposal, the chemicals from many household products, baby wipes, diapers, condoms, or feminine hygiene products. Your septic system will last longer and work better if you do not flush or rinse these items down the drain.

Use less water indoors. - Less water flowing into your septic system means less water to treat. Especially important: spread out large water-use activities such as laundry. The solids need time to settle to the bottom of the septic tank before the next large volume of water arrives.

Learn where your drainfield is located and protect it.- The drainfield provides the final treatment for your sewage and is one of the most expensive components to replace. You should only plant grass or shallow-rooted plants on the drainfield. Direct water from downspouts and sprinklers away from the drainfield in order to protect it. Do not allow parking or large animal grazing on top of the drainfield.

Our website: Septic Systems has many more tips, including lists of septic professionals licensed to work in Thurston County, details about different types of septic systems, step by step directions to inspect your septic tank, and more. The septic help line is also available at: 360-867-2669.

Taking some simple steps will help to protect one of the major parts of your home, the on-site sewer system!

By Jane MtJoy Vennig

It just makes sense to protect your system. It just makes sense to protect your system.