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December, 2014
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 The 2010 Census is Here!

Please take time to reply.

It’s time for the U. S. Census, which is conducted every 10 years as required by the Constitution. While the Census provides a pretty accurate count of those living in the United States, it also provides information that can impact everyone. For example, data collected is used to decide the shape and size of congressional districts and other political jurisdictions. Sometimes states have more, or less, representatives in the U. S. House as a result of the Census.

Michelle Danley, U. S. Census Bureau Partnership Specialist, recently spoke to the County Commissioners regarding this version of the national count. She urges everyone to respond to the Census questionnaire. “It’s very important for everyone to fill out the census and return it in a timely manner. In essence, the census is worth about $1,032 for each person who is counted when you tally up federal spending based on the number of residents of a given area.”

The census form itself asks 10 simple questions. It asks people to say how many folks are living in a household, how people identify their race and what type of housing they live in. There’s no “long form” this year. There’s no financial, Social Security or banking information asked for.

For those households that do not send back the questionnaire, Census takers will go door to door to count people starting in May. The Census Bureau is now hiring hundreds of people to conduct the survey. The job pays $13.25 per hour. The census office in Olympia is located at 221 Kenyon St. N.W. and covers seven counties — Thurston, Lewis, Cowlitz, Clark, Skamania, Wahkiakum and Pacific.

Census forms will begin arriving in the mail after about March 17th, and people are to report information about their families as it exists on April 1.

More information on the U. S. Census can be found by visiting their Web Site.

By John Tennis

Hand in your census questionaire! Hand in your census questionaire!