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December, 2014
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Changes at Thurston County Superior Court

(More) Changes at Thurston County Superior Court

County Benefits from “JBLM Day of Service”

It’s official!

Health Systems Doing a Good Job of Tracking Illnesses

Families Welcome New Members

Perfection is Reality for County Waste Water Treatment Plant

Less Leftovers, More Joy

The Klondike Kings and the telegraph to nowhere

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 Keep Graffiti from Becoming a Community Blight.

Call TOGETHER! for assistance.

TOGETHER! is a nonprofit organization that works to prevent youth violence and substance abuse through awareness, advocacy and action to support youth and families. They seek your help in their graffiti abatement campaign: Erase It: Record, Report, Remove.

If graffiti is present in your neighborhood, park or any other area you wish to address, contact Brittany Sill at TOGETHER! for a kit and resources to address the graffiti. We would be happy to come to you with training as well as the brushes, paint, paint remover and other materials to address the occurrences in your area.

Also, about once a month, you may join others in removing graffiti from your neighborhood through Erase It cleanup days. TOGETHER! will supply paint, brushes and snacks!

In the United States, almost $12 million per year is spent cleaning up graffiti, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Graffiti can hurt your neighborhood in many ways. According to the National Association of Realtors, nearby graffiti can decrease a home’s value by 15%. Unremoved graffiti invites more serious crimes to the area because it appears to be tolerated.

This can be avoided with prompt removal and resident reporting. By taking a picture of the graffiti and reporting it to your local law enforcement agency, then removing it, you may stop the progression to more dangerous activities. Graffiti doesn’t mean gangs are in your neighborhood, but by reporting and removing it quickly, you prevent your neighborhood or park from becoming a place for crime.

Erase It, a program of TOGETHER!, kicked off March 20 and has graffiti cleanup events about once a month. For more information, contact Brittany Sill at 360-493-2230, ext. 27, or at You can also check the Events page at Thurston Together to find out when the next cleanup day will take place.

By John Tennis

A cleanup crew receives instructions. A cleanup crew receives instructions.

Removal of graffiti gets undeway. Removal of graffiti gets undeway.