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December, 2014
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 Recycling In the Park.

County expands recycling programs for the public.

Thurston County residents are accustomed to recycling at home and many recycle at work too. It only makes sense that recycling is available while enjoying local parks as well. In response to the growing public interest in recycling and waste reduction, Thurston County Solid Waste in partnership with Thurston County Parks has started a new pilot recycling program.

Recycling stations are now available at Burfoot Park and at the Kenneydell Park Lodge. Thurston County expects to learn from, and expand on, this new recycling effort. This program will reduce garbage volumes coming from the park, and most importantly, help people visiting the park to think differently about waste.

Recycling at Burfoot Park is similar to the way Thurston County residents sort waste at home. There are four labeled containers for:

  • 1. Co-mingled materials (plastic bottles, cans, and paper)
  • 2. Glass bottles and jars
  • 3. Organics Recycling (food and food-soiled paper for composting)
  • 4. Trash

The recycling stations at Burfoot Park are made from 98% recycled plastic (coming from recycled plastic bags and bottles). Buying recycled products, as well as recycling, are ways Thurston County government is helping the environment and conserving resources.

Approximately 75 percent of waste leaving parks is recyclable or compostable. Compostable items like napkins, paper cups and plates, and pizza boxes can now be turned into beneficial compost at Silver Springs Organics, a local commercial composting facility in Rainier. These items no longer have to travel to the landfill in eastern Washington.

When planning a gathering at the park, consider ways to make less garbage and recycle as much as possible. For instance, choose paper products instead of plastic or StyrofoamTM. Paper plates and cups can go in the organics recycling container and then be turned into compost. If you are planning a large gathering at a county park, additional recycling and waste containers are available to you. These portable “ClearStream” recycling containers are perfect for events and are easy to use. Just call Thurston County parks for more information.

Thurston County is serious about conserving resources and enhancing the quality of life for current and future residents. We all need to practice reducing waste and make recycling at home, at work, and at play the norm.

For more information about the recycling program with Thurston County Parks visit the Parks Website or call Kerri Hibdon at (360) 867-2181.

For information on waste reduction and recycling opportunities in Thurston County visit Thurston County Solid Waste or call (360) 867-2491.

By Amber Smith

Recycling is easy! Recycling is easy!