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September, 2014
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 Yelm Highway Project off to Good Start.

Widening and other work underway.

Thanks to good weather and great teamwork between the contractor, Thurston County and the City of Olympia, the first summer of the Yelm Highway Project has been productive. Work accomplished or in progress includes:

  • Tree felling and clearing of vegetation.
  • Demolition of three houses.
  • Installation of water main.
  • Extension of the storm water retention pond at Boulevard Heights.
  • Excavation of new storm water retention pond near Brassfield Drive.
Current work includes the installation of a sewer and water system and relocation of utilities west of Boulevard Road to Henderson Boulevard.

When completed, the Yelm Highway Improvement Project will include the following features:
  • Widening to create two travel lanes in each direction and a fifth turn lane in some locations.
  • Roundabouts at Brassfield Street and Boulevard Road.
  • Bike lanes, sidewalks, and planter strips and islands in some locations.
  • U-turn modifications at Henderson Boulevard and Rich Road which will minimize congestion and increase safety.
  • Sewer and water, and stormwater drainage improvements.

The county’s Public Works Department thanks motorists, area residents and businesses for their cooperation and patience during the project. Complete details on the project are available by calling the Public Works Department at 754-4580, or check out the project blog at the Yelm Highway Information Blog.

By Keith Eisner

The Yelm Highway project from the air. The Yelm Highway project from the air.

Some of the land clearing work. Some of the land clearing work.