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December, 2014
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  New Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps Being Developed.

Work being done by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is anticipated to complete a revision of the Flood Insurance Rate Maps early this fall in Thurston County. The Flood Insurance Rate Maps show the floodplains and floodways in Thurston County’s rivers. This revision includes updated digital floodplain maps showing areas that would flood during a 100-year flood as well as the floodway. A floodway is where flooding occurs in addition to flow velocity. These new digital maps will be used by lending institutions and insurance agents to determine who must purchase flood insurance and the cost of insurance. In addition, the maps will be used by city and county officials for floodplain management and permitting purposes.

The people most directly affected by the new Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps are those who own property or who live in identified flood hazard areas. There may be properties that will be removed from the earlier mapped floodplain and others that are added.

The new draft maps are due for release around September 30. There are several steps leading up to final adoption, which includes a 30-day technical review period for the staff of the county and cities. After that review, a public meeting will be held to explain in detail, the new maps and how they were developed. Representatives from Thurston County, FEMA, and local communities will be on hand to discuss the study and its affect on local floodplain management regulations.

After all the comments received are addressed, FEMA will send a letter of final determination informing the county and cities that this update of flood hazard mapping is complete. Local governments then have a six-month period to adopt the new maps and update their floodplain ordinances to reflect any changes produced by the new maps. When the draft maps have been released, the maps and information on the public meeting will be posted on the Thurston County Emergency Management web site.

By John Tennis

Damage from  flooding on the Chehalis River. Damage from flooding on the Chehalis River.