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September, 2014
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 Packed Courtroom for Adoption Day Ceremonies.

Families allow private ceremonies to become public.

“How are the children?” That is the question all of us should ask every day according to Susan Dreyfus, Secretary of the State Department of Social and Health Services. She asked the rhetorical question during recent “National Adoption Day” ceremonies at Thurston County’s Family and Juvenile Court. Ms. Dreyfus told a packed courtroom that adoptive families are very important because of the beneficial impacts on the child welfare system. But, more importantly, the impact to the child being adopted is profound because they are “..children of your heart.” according to Dreyfus.

Thurston County Superior Court Judge Anne Hirsh expressed the emotions as she presided over the ceremonies. “It’s a rare day to see so many smiling faces in court.” She thanked everyone for making it an extraordinary day and she had a special welcome for the families who were willing to make their adoptions in such a public fashion.

This is the 11th year for the celebration of “National Adoption Day” in the United States and the 6th year of observance in Washington State. The Superior Court activities are an opportunity to celebrate the adoptions that were done in court and to draw attention to the hundreds of children who are still looking for stable families who want to adopt them.

It wasn’t all smiles during the adoption day celebration; there were many tears of joy as well. Congratulations to all the families who become “forever families” for special children by adoption.

To find out more about adoptions, please visit the Children’s Administration Pages on the Department of Social and Health Services web site.

By John Tennis

Judge Hirsch presides over a happy court. Judge Hirsch presides over a happy court.

Adoption bears waiting for a new home. Adoption bears waiting for a new home.

Judge Paula Casey welcomes a new family member. Judge Paula Casey welcomes a new family member.