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December, 2014
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 Thurston County’s Off-Leash Dog Area is Open!

New park is located off of Hogum Bay Road.

It was a fun day for dogs and their humans October 29th for the opening ceremonies of the county’s new Off-Leash Dog Park. The five acre park will be open from 8 to 5 daily and is located at the Waste and Recovery Center in the Hawks Prairie area of northeast Thurston County.

The park is designed with two separate areas, one for larger breeds and one for small and shy dogs. The park will also include watering areas for humans and pets, picnic tables, walking paths, pet waste bag dispensaries and other amenities. Dog owners are expected to pick up after their animals.

Another special feature of the park is a brick entryway designed to look like a dog bone. People can buy one of the bricks and have a message imprinted on it to be displayed in the walk way. More information about the brick sales can be found here. Proceeds from the sale of bricks will be used to support the Off-Leash Park.

In time, a parking lot for the Off-Leash Dog Park will be located adjacent to the park where the Hazo-House and recycling area is now. Currently, parking for the dog park is just beyond Hazo-House. If you plan to visit the dog park, you should also know that there is a lot of truck traffic right now, as fill dirt is brought in for a new Intercity Transit Park and Ride lot that is being built across from the park.

(In the first photo left to right- Animal Services Director Susanne Beauregard, Thurston County Commissioners Karen Valenzuela and Sandra Romero and Lynn Scoggins of Sound Hounds.)

By John Tennis

The ribbon is cut on the new park. The ribbon is cut on the new park.

A smile from one early dog park visitor. A smile from one early dog park visitor.